15 dead as torrential rain hits Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro


At least 15 humans have been killed in torrential rain that hit the Brazilian states of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, triggering flash floods and destroying homes, authorities said Tuesday.

Violent storms in latest days have dumped a month's really worth of rain on some regions in a matter of hours, devastating negative neighborhoods at the southern coast of Sao Paulo state and on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, the country's second-biggest city.

At least 10 people had been killed early Tuesday and one is lacking in Sao Paulo after floods and landslides hit the coastal cities of Santos, Sao Vicente and Guaruja, nation authorities said.

One of the dead become a firefighter who became running on a rescue operation when he changed into killed by means of a landslide.

"I explicit my team spirit with people who are suffering from those heavy rains," Sao Paulo Governor Joao Doria wrote on Twitter.

Several highways have been blocked by using fallen timber and landslides, including a few linking Santos, the largest port in South America, to Sao Paulo, Brazil's biggest metropolis and economic capital.

In Rio de Janeiro, authorities stated the loss of life toll had risen to at least five after three days of violent rain that swept away houses and vehicles and left some groups covered in water or mud.

The victims were electrocuted, buried in landslides or drowned, emergency officials stated.

The disaster became political in Rio when the city's Mayor Marcelo Crivella, a far-proper evangelical Christian bishop, blamed residents for the flooding.

During a visit to an affected community, he instructed journalists, "The humans can't be throwing trash on hillsides, in hurricane drains and in the street."

Mid-press conference, someone pelted him inside the face with a ball of dust, captured in a video that went viral online.

"The water knocked my granddaughter and me off the sofa. Dirty water came flooding into my kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, everything. I lost everything," Ivone Cardoso, 65, a resident of the Realengo neighborhood, told AFP as she swept mud and water out of her house.

Brazil is having an mainly intense wet season this summer.

In January, extra than 50 humans have been killed in Minas Gerais country, which pals Sao Paulo, in several days of violent rain.

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