British peoples embrace ‘digital drinking’ using phone apps amid pub lockdown

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Britain’s pub lockdown has led to drinkers embracing ‘virtual pints’ to urge them through the coronavirus crisis.

Heeding warnings that meeting up for a tipple risks spreading the doubtless deadly bug, many friends have begun enjoying virtual drinks together, allowing them to stay a secure distance apart.

The country’s pubs - along side restaurants, theatres and gymnasiums - were ordered to shut altogether by Boris Johnson on Friday as cases of the highly contagion still surge.

But a variety of apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom and HouseParty mean that friends can still catch up via their phones, from the comfort of their homes.

They all allow users to possess conversations with multiple people directly , so it’s possible to possess a drink together even while practising social distancing or self-isolation.

One of those embracing the new phenomenon is communications professional John Slinger.

In a post on Twitter, he said: “Great virtual pint with some pals tonight. I’d like better to be during a pub.

“But I take social distancing seriously and think that in about fortnight time tons of individuals are going to be asking why we didn’t move quicker (lots folks suggested that we should always have gone to lock down quicker)..”

It’s not just alcoholic drinks which are being shared online.

Some, like Professor Kate Jones, an ecology and biology expert at University College London, are using technology to possess virtual coffees too.

“Virtual coffee mornings with friends are an important psychological state and precautions - although due to time zones - a number of us were drinking whisky mornings with friends,” she posted.

Irish journalist Conor Wilson, meanwhile, says he even attended a smoker via WhatsApp.

In a post on Twitter, he said: “Was alleged to get on a smoker in Kilkenny this weekend. It should go without saying that it’s been cancelled.

“It’s now a virtual smoker - lads drinking each other’s health from range in the WhatsApp group.”

Others are organising events like online pub quizzes and birthdays in an attempt to stay spirits high during the weeks of lockdown ahead.

In a news conference on Friday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson told pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants throughout the united kingdom to shut "as soon as they reasonably can”.

As he acknowledged it had been a "huge wrench" to shut Britain's social venues, he said nightclubs, theatres, cinemas, gyms, and leisure centres must close too.

He urged Brits to not attempt choose one last Friday night out, adding: "You could also be tempted to travel out tonight and that i tell you please don't, you'll think that you simply simply are invincible - but there's no guarantee that you will catch on .

"But you'll still be a carrier of the disease and pass it on."

He added: "We want you as far as possible to remain reception .”

He also pleaded with children to not organise house parties, saying they might create a risk for elderly relatives.

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