Kimberley Finlayson is the first British who died in Indonesia for Coronavirus

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The husband of a British woman who died in Bali after catching coronavirus has told in their heartbreaking very last goodbye and stated he has "lost half of himself".

Kimberley Finlayson - who had underlying fitness conditions - underwent emergency operations before her death on the Sanglah sanatorium on the Indonesian island.

Speaking for the first time, her grieving husband Ken Finlayson said the couple, from close to Hertford in Hertfordshire, gazed into each other's eyes, said "I love you" and exchanged goodbyes "for a couple of minutes" before she died on March 11.

Mrs Finlayson, a mum-of-4 and award-prevailing publisher, and her husband had been on holiday whilst she became unwell and became hospitalised just days into their trip.

Mr Finlayson, who tested negative for Covid-19 and turned into compelled to self-isolate, advised the BBC: "Myself and my four youngsters are actually devastated to lose the most beautiful spouse and mother.

"She's so generous, she's so complete of life, she's so powerful, courageous, supportive of all of us. I've lost half of myself.

"I talked to her. She said that she loved me and we exchanged that for a couple of minutes and regarded into one another's eyes."

Mrs Finalyson was the first British sufferer of coronavirus to be named.

The couple's four adult youngsters had been no longer on the vacation with their parents.

Mr Finlayson cautioned different UK residents while visiting distant places and entreated them to "be strong" for their households within the months to come.

He said: "The lesson for the British public to understand is if you visit these locations then people in reality imply well however you are giving up that level of care which we count on and also you are playing Russian roulette along with your lives if you grow to be critical.

"Mistakes had been being made. I don't consider... If this had took place in Barnet Hospital, I accept as true with our first-rate NHS would have saved Kimberley.

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