UK : Britain braced for -5C chill before dramatic hot swing

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A subzero start for Britain are going to be soon thawed out with temperatures soaring to as high as 18C by the afternoon during a dramatic swing.

Met Office meteorologist Alex Deakin said some rural areas could drop to as low as -5C within the early hours before large parts of england enter the teenagers by 3pm.

London, for instance will start teetering over freezing at 2C before reaching highs of around 15C.

The finer weather comes as Britons were warned yesterday they might be fined if caught outside their homes for non-essential purposes with the united kingdom now on coronavirus lockdown.

But with are allowed to enjoy the sun in our gardens, which might be something of a blessing because the majority of youngsters are off school for the foreseeable future.

The welcome upturn in British weather in only a matter of weeks since the cold snaps and heavy rain saw catastrophic flooding, we are set to match temperatures within the likes of Greece and Malta in the week .

Parts of north-west Scotland, meanwhile, will remain "soggy" said Mr Deakin, with yellow weather warnings in situ until Wednesday.

He described Tuesday beginning with a "chilly night under clear skies, [and] for a few slightly of frost in places".

The south will see rock bottom temperatures overnight from Monday with "towns getting on the brink of freezing" while "rural areas through England and Wales [could see] -2, maybe whilst low as -4 or -5 in some spots", he admitted.

But with temperatures quickly climbing as Tuesday unfolds, Mr Deakin said the persistent breeze within the north will make it "cooler than these temperatures would suggest" - including 15C in Glasgow.

"But for England and Wales, well we could easily with some sunshine get into the mid teens, 17, 18 is feasible ," he added.

The latest weather front, which could see 10 consecutive days of sunshine and highs matching the Mediterranean, is because of a 500 mile-wide 'Portuguese pulse' of warm air.

And with some reports suggesting temperatures could reach 21C within the near future, bookmakers are slashing the chances on spring being the most well liked ever.

From 6pm today until midday on Wednesday heavy persistent rain in north-west Scotland may cause impacts from flooding, warns the Met Office which has issued weather warnings.

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