All adult Singaporeans will receive a one-off payout of $600 to support people during the four-week circuit breaker

All adult Singaporeans will receive a one-off payout of $600 to assist them deal with expenses during the Covid-19 outbreak, Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat said in Parliament yesterday.

Named the Solidarity Payment, this is often the second time the govt has enhanced the payout given to Singaporeans.

Part of the Solidarity Budget, the improved payment is to further support people and businesses during the four-week breaker period, ranging from today, where all schools and most workplaces are going to be closed and social interactions are going to be limited, as Singapore ramps up its fight against the virus.

The payment will cost the govt a further $1.1 billion.

Mr Heng, who is additionally minister of finance , said these measures will make sure that "no households (will stand) alone during this difficult period".

The money are going to be credited on to Singaporeans who provide their checking account details to the govt by Pan American Day , and therefore the rest will receive the payment by cheque from April 30.

In February, Mr Heng announced a $1.6 billion Care and Support package, which can see Singaporeans aged 21 and above receiving a one-off cash payout of between $100 and $300, with parents of a minimum of one Singaporean child aged 20 and younger receiving a further $100 in cash.

On March 26, Mr Heng said the cash payouts for adult Singaporeans are going to be tripled.

Those who were alleged to get $300 would get $900, while those that were alleged to get $200 and $100 would get $600 and $300 respectively.

Mr Heng said yesterday that $300 of that payment are going to be brought forward, and topped up with a further $300 to make the Solidarity Payment.


Yesterday, Mr Heng said other cash payouts within the Care and Support package are going to be brought forward to June this year, rather than August.

This includes the remaining $300 or $600 for those that qualify for the upper tiers of the Care and Support payout, the extra $300 payout for every parent with a minimum of one child aged 20 and below, and therefore the $100 PAssion Card top-up in cash for those aged 50 and above.

Some of the opposite support measures previously announced include eligible Singaporeans getting $300 in grocery vouchers for this year and another $100 next year.

All loan repayment charges and interest charges also will be suspended for one year for graduates who need to pay off their student loans and appearance for jobs in these uncertain times.

For Ms Chan Yun Xin, 27, a financial consultant, the cash will provide some kind of assurance during the uncertain months ahead.

A table-tennis coach who wanted to be known only as Mr Lau, 47, said the cash will definitely help him for subsequent month, but "beyond that, i do not know what is going to happen".

The coach, who lives together with his wife and elderly mother, said schools have cancelled their co-curricular activities, and he's unable to teach private lessons with the new restrictions.

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