An Italian nurse killed his doctor girlfriend because he thought he infected by her with COVID-19


An Italian nurse went berserk and murdered his doctor girlfriend because he believed she had infected him with COVID-19.

Cops say Lorena Quaranta, 27, was found dead in Messina, Sicily after Antonio De Pace called 911 to confess to the slaying.

Quaranta had been strangled.

The couple worked at an equivalent hospital and Quaranta had been valiantly fighting the coronavirus pandemic on the front lines in hard-hit Italy.

De Pace was found on the ground of their shared apartment. He had slashed his wrists but is predicted to recover.

He told shocked detectives: “I killed her because she gave me coronavirus.”

Officials say that early indications are that neither Quaranta nor her boyfriend were infected.

“She was a doctor who was working hard to save lots of others. It’s such a tragedy,” a police source told local media.

Before her slaying, Quaranta had taken to social media to precise her horror at news that a minimum of 41 Italian doctors have died battling the pandemic. So far, COVID-19 has killed 12,000 people in Italy.

Calling the death tally “unacceptable,” Quaranta wrote: “Now quite ever we'd like to demonstrate responsibility and love for all times . you want to show respect for yourselves, your families and therefore the country. you want to think and remember people who dedicate their lives daily to taking care of our sick.

“Let’s stay together , everyone staying reception . Let’s avoid subsequent one falling sick may be a beloved or ourselves.”

Just one month earlier, a lover of the young doctor congratulated her on getting her medical licence: “To reach our dreams you've got to figure hard determinedly and you're proof. I wish you to stay chasing your dreams, always live the life you usually imagined. Well done! Congratulations on your brilliant graduation, doctor.”

Residents of Messina were enraged by the slaying.

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