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Africa Cup of Nations postponed from January 2021 to 2022
US biotech firm Inovio reports encouraging coronavirus vaccine results on Tuesday
USA could buy Turkey’s Russian-made S-400 under Senate proposal
UK coronavirus death toll increases by 155, total to 43,730 - but it's less than last Tuesday
Anthony Fauci: ‘No guarantee’ COVID-19 vaccine will be ready by early 2021
European Union extends ban on United States travelers over coronavirus surge
UK says they are not compromise about heath service to talks with the USA in trade deal
On Wednesday Russia,Turkey,Iran leaders will holds a video conference to discuss conflict in Syria
'We cannot let our guard down' after China pigs study, WHO says
After pandemic, U.S. senators want review of drug supply chain
The World Health Organization to send team to China to investigate COVID-19 origin
US reports over 41,500 new COVID-19 cases in a day, total to 2.5 million
Iran issues arrest warrant for US President Donald Trump over drone strike that killed Qasem Soleimani
More than 500,000 people have been killed by coronavirus worldwide. A quarter of them are Americans
At least 32 dead as boat capsizes in Bangladesh, near the capital Dhaka
China’s military approves coronavirus Ad5-nCoV vaccine for use on soldiers
Saudi Arabia has announced the death of Prince Bandar bin Saad bin Mohammad bin Abdulaziz
Six people killed in attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange on Monday
Gilead prices coronavirus drug candidate remdesivir at $2,340 per patient in USA
China government forces birth control on Uighurs to curb Muslim population growth
Global coronavirus death toll reaches half a million
COVID-19 SAGE experts warn UK is headed for deadly second wave this winter
UK death toll from confirmed COVID-19 cases up 36 to 43,550