Must-Know Writing Tips to Sound Brilliant

 Do you think writing big and using complex writing makes you look smart? Well, it’s a big no! when you use complex writing it makes you look narrow-minded. If you want to sound smart, you have to stop trying for it via useless approaches. Brilliant writing is something that is easy and clearly expressed. No matter if you are new to the field of writing or are already acquainted with it, roll down your screens to know some smart writing tips to sound brilliant. 

Choose Your Subject Wisely

Before you sit down to write, be clear about the subject on which you are going to pen down your thoughts. This will make things easier and faster for you. 

If you don’t have a clear concept of the topic, you may create sentences that may sound meaningful but actually, they will be unable to deliver any message through your writing. 

Be On Point

As you write on any subject be mindful of keeping your words to the point. Don’t drag the matter as it might divert the attention of the reader and may not deliver the right concept. Be specific.

Be Simple

Make sure you are using simple words. If your meaning could be accomplished, while writing ‘use’ instead of ‘utilizing’ and ‘near’ instead of using ‘close proximity’ then there is no need to use the longer words. 

Short Sentences Prevent Confusions

Similar to short paragraphs, short sentences are easy to read and understand. Every sentence of yours should carry a simple thought. Short sentences prevent complexity and confusion for a reader. 

Keep Your Paragraph Short for an Easier Read

Have you ever noticed newspapers, that the writing there is always formatted in short paragraphs? The reason behind this is to make the reading process easier. Our brains find it easy to absorb the information in small chunks. 

Moreover, if you notice the academic writing, every paragraph delivers a single idea. However, in casual or everyday writing, the style is somewhat informal and consists of shorter paragraphs that may consist of a single word. 

Avoid Repetition

Avoid writing the same thing again and again. When you repeat your words over and over again, it causes the reader to get bored. Therefore, don’t be reductant. 

Prefer to Write in an Active Voice

To sound brilliant, you need to structure your sentences in active form. Writing in active form brings more reader engagement. Follow the structure of noun-verb-object and it is a recommended choice. You may also use passive voice as required but your preference should always be with active voice. 

Be Your Own Critic

As you write on a daily basis and are also much confident about your writing, be your own critic as the time comes for the editing. Editing no doubt is a tough skill and therefore carries immense time, effort, and value. Read your writing over and over again to reshape it in the finest form. 

You may take the example of writers creating Wikipedia page, they have to go through a lot of edits and guidelines to write a page that is approved. 

Be Clear in Your Writing

Whenever you write, write for the reader. Your aim of writing should be to well communicate with the reader. Convey your message in as much a serene way as possible. Be mindful of the reader while you write every word and sentence. You should be clear about who this piece of information is. 

Final Word

These were some of the guiding tips for you if you want to sound brilliant through your writing. Writing is a much more Nobel and prestigious profession. Therefore, write it the way it should be to communicate well with the reader. Be your own harshest critic. If your reader is enjoying and getting the message with ease, then you as a writer have accomplished the goal. 


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