8 Free Mobile Tracking Apps for IPhone and Android

Mobile phones have become a necessity for everyone. People value the power of interactive mobile apps that build powerful connections with the underlying mobile environment. Do you have a habit of misplacing your cell phone? You can easily track them! Freely equip your Android or iPhone device with a cutting-edge phone tracker today! The majority of the time, users are concerned about their phones because they cannot recall where they left them the last time. A mobile tracking app, on the other hand, is a solution to this problem. Furthermore, you can track your phone if it is stolen, as well as your family, children, or relatives.

As the number of mobile app development services grows, it has become much easier to track your phone using apps in real-time. You can monitor your misplaced or stolen device if you use a mobile tracking app. You can also access the device's location history and learn about someone's former routes and whereabouts. You can get quick alerts for other people's verification and check-out by using location.

What are the free mobile tracking apps for Android and iPhone?

Below are the 8 best Android and iPhone apps for tracking your device location, and you can use any of them to find the location of the person you're looking for:

1. Famisafe location tracing
2. Life360
3. Glimpse
4. Find my friends
5. GPS phone tracker
6. Google maps
7. Google family link
8. GPS location tracking

1. FamiSafe Location Tracking

FamiSafe is a consumer and safe way to monitor an Android or iPhone. You can get the target device's current position and history at any time and from any location. It also has a passcode lock function that allows us to create a boundary and get instant notifications when your kids enter or exit. FamiSafe is the most robust phone monitoring tool in the economy as a result of all of this: 

• It can track a device's location in real-time.
•Obtain a detailed description of the target device's location history. 
• Set geofences to keep children safe from extremely unsafe areas.
• With multi-device control, you can map the location of any device from afar.
• If your child has an iPhone, they might invite you to join them in sharing the place. 
• Screen Time, App Blocker, Smart Plan, and Explicit Content Detection are among the many other         system management and tracking capabilities used. 
• Compatible with the most common iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets.

2. Life 360

 Life360 is another mobile tracking app to explore. Life360 is a powerful location monitoring app for sharing location with your family. This mobile tracking app notifies users when their family members leave and arrive at specific locations, such as work, home, and school. It is compatible with both Android and iPhones. Through this sharing location tool, users can conveniently monitor each other. Also: 

 • It's a helpful way of tracking your family's current location. 
• It enables users to share their position across networks. 
• Users can prevent location sharing at any time.
• Android and iPhone are also compatible. 
• For family contact, there is an in-app messaging option.

3. Glympse

Consider Glympse whether you're looking for a quick and user-friendly way to share your location with your friends, relatives, and coworkers. This top phone monitoring software has a cross-platform location sharing feature, specially designed for your needs.


• A device's location is monitored in real-time. 
• Passcode lock capabilities are available.
• Navigation and messaging capabilities within the app.
• The location tracking software can be turned on and off manually by users. 
• It's consistent with both Android and iPhone models.

4. Find My Friends

Find My Friends is an official Apple program that allows users to share their location using their iPhones. This mobile tracking app is compatible with most iOS phones, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

• iPhone owners can keep a record of their friends and family members with ease.
• Users can step out of sharing locations at any time. 
• Before they can look at their location, users must first approve the location sharing request. 
• It is necessary to get a precise and up-to-date position. 
• It is only compatible with iOS software.

5. GPS Phone Tracker

GPS Phone Tracker is another location tracker device worth pursuing. It's a social, mobile tracking app that allows friends and family to keep tabs on each other's locations.

• You will keep track of your friends and family's whereabouts in real-time in one location. 
• Wireless sync functionality can be allowed for any region. 
• The program will continue to run in the background. 
• Android devices are supported (Android 4.4 and up).

6. Google Maps

Google Maps also has a dedicated tab for exchanging your position with your friends. As the best mobile tracking app, it can now assist you with tracking your friends in real-time. The app is very easy to use and is built into the Google Maps software.

• You will also choose which users to share the location with and for how long.
• It is possible to share precise and real-time location information. 
• Leading iPhone and Android devices are compatible.
• It even keeps track of the previous locations in a timeline.

7. Google Family Link

Google recently released a new app called Family Relation. It involves features that allow parents to track their children's whereabouts in real-time.

• There are a lot of features for tracking your child's location.
• The ability to track in real-time and search quickly is accessible.
• Such helpful parental management features, such as screen time and app blocking, should be available. 
• Most Android devices are supported. 

8. GPS Location Tracking

This location application is not only simple to use, but it's also mashed with valuable features. It's available in a variety of languages and can be used by people across the globe.

• Device tracking that is precise and real-time. 
• Place sharing throughout platforms.
• Notifications in case of an emergency
• Geofencing warnings and location history 
• iPhone and Android devices are supported.


You can easily keep track of your loved ones now that you know about some of the best mobile tracking apps for iPhone and Android devices. Most of these mobile tracking apps are free, but some require a payment, which you can verify after finishing a successful trial period. It is a smart way of ensuring that your families and friends are safe when they are moving. Even if texting and calling are solutions, they cannot always be realistic while traveling or in long meetings. These excellent options can help a bit during these difficult times, and you can invest in them for a positive purpose.

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