Business Challenges that a Modern EPOS Machine Can Solve

Traditionally, running a business was easy, but that is no longer the case now. Today the process is more complicated than ever before due to the following changes that have occurred over time

  • The rapid increase in the population
  • The rapid increase in the demand and the diminishing supply for natural resources
  • Deteriorating economy
  • Inflation
  • High standards of living
  • Technological advancements
  • Increased competition
  • The COVID-19 pandemic and many more


Each of these changes came with its own set of challenges making it harder to run a business.


Luckily, this is was not permanent.


Although there are several ways you can use to overcome these challenges, implementing an EPOS machine in your business is one of the most popular and the most effective strategies. And if you are wondering how that is, read on to find out.


In this article, we’ll highlight some of the most challenging issues facing businesses right now and how you can solve them using an EPOS system.

1.     Employee Management

Employees are one of your most valuable assets, but if poorly managed, they can ruin your business. You need to stay ahead of staying ahead of your employee incentives, training, reviews, and daily communications. These processes can take so much of your time and money, yet they are necessary to run your business more effectively and efficiently. An EPOS system simplifies your work by addressing common employee management challenges that your business can face. These include

  • Accountability

Managing a business and not knowing who does what can lead to so many problems, most especially when an error occurs. An EPOS system eliminates this problem by assigning every transaction to the employee who finalizes the process.

  • Setting expectations

What do you expect from your employees? Whatever it is, how will they know if you aren’t transparent with them? And it’s not just that; you also have to keep reminding them. With an EPOS system, you can set and share relevant goals with all your employees and encourage them to perform better.

  • Career Development

Rewarding your top performers is necessary to encourage healthy competitions among your employees and boost your productivity. But you’ll need to identify who they are first. An EPOS system will help you achieve that by providing you with detailed sales performance reports.

  • Staff Training

Identifying your top performers, you will also discover who the low performers are in the process. With the EPOS system, you will find out why to improve your staff training programs.

2.                 Satisfying the Customer

Satisfying the customer is another common challenge facing businesses right now.


All customers are different and have their own set of unique needs. Fulfilling all these needs is already difficult as it is, notwithstanding, that they keep changing with time.


With an EPOS machine, you can solve some, if not all, of the things that annoy customers to boost the level of satisfaction in your business. These include

  • Minimizing wait time during checkout
  • Ensuring effective swipe machine price management to avoid inconsistencies
  • Effective order management and delivery of services
  • Effective management of takeaway orders and the dine In reservations, in case you are running a restaurant

3.                 Minimizing Analysis Paralysis

Analysis paralysis is a risk you cannot afford to take, especially now that all business decisions are data-driven. With a cloud-based EPOS machine, you can access valuable sales information for all your store outlets in real-time, regardless of your location. That makes it easier and faster for you to make urgent business decisions.


Thinks of this scenario; you have two related models of a blender, and you want to decide which one deserves more shelf space. There are so many things you need to consider all at once to make the right decision.


With your EPOS system and its clouds analytics, you can

  • Study the sales performance for both products in all your stores and determine the historical trend for each blender model over a certain period
  • Study and compare this information with the support costs, warranty issues, and returns for each blender within a specific time-frame
  • Analyze the profit margin for each blender
  • Using this kind of information, you can decide which one between the two blenders deserves more shelf space than the other with so much ease.



Buying an EPOS machine is one investment that will never disappoint you, as long as you use the right approach. With it, you can solve these and more challenges you can think of in your business.


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