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A good logo design in Vancouver should have the power to capture customers at a glance. What is the structure of a good logo? Your logo is the face of your company and what will identify your brand as long as you are in business.

According to FinancesOnline, one of the highest-paid logo designs is the BBC logo, which cost $ 1.8 million. Successful entrepreneurs see the value of professional logo design and are willing to invest money in creating one.

However, this does not necessarily mean that you have to spend thousands of dollars to have a great logo. In fact, practical businesses choose us because we offer high-quality logos and other graphic designs for a fixed monthly cost. But more on that later.

What makes a good logo?

To have a good logo design in Vancouver, you must first understand the qualities of a great logo. You may be puzzled to see the most successful brands with logos that look gentle and unremarkable. But if you look more closely, you will see exactly what makes them successful, which are:


As soon as people see "Swoosh", they automatically recognize that it's Nike. This perfectly explains why a simple logo design is best. It is uncomplicated and registers well with consumers.

It conveys movement and innovation that fully represents the brand. It is very easy to recognize, plus its resemblance to a check mark adds a more positive impact.


Who doesn't recognize the Coca-Cola logo? It is one of the most emblematic logos in the world. Wherever you go, people will see that logo and think of a soft drink.

A study by Saintcode asked respondents to draw several famous logos from memory. They found that the more complex a logo is, the less likely it is that people will remember it in its entirety.

A good logo design in Vancouver should be related to your work and what you offer. It should also stand the test of time. It must be relevant and convey the company's intended message even after years of existence.


Your logo should look great wherever you place it. From your website to your header, a good logo design is one that looks appealing wherever you use it. And here simplicity becomes a requirement. The McDonald's logo excels here. The Golden M logo can be placed to fit anywhere thanks to its simple and compact design.

Scalability is just as important when marketing and advertising digitally. A good logo should look as captivating in an application as it is on a billboard.

Custom logo vs template

Understanding what makes the best logo leads you to the next trial. This is to find the best way to design your logo. The top two ways are to create a professional logo or use one of the websites that offer logo design from a template. To guide you in your decision, here are the pros and cons of each:

Custom logo

Knowing which one you should decide on helps you understand what a custom logo is. It is a logo designed by a graphic designer or a special design agency for your brand. This means that the logo is unique and unique. Our designers will make sure to create a custom logo for you. With our unlimited reviews, we won't stop until you get one you'll be happy with.


1. Unique of yours

The unique logo is the best logo. Our designers will create the logo design in Vancouver according to the specifics of your brand. It will reflect what your brand is about and convey the exact image you want to project.

2. Custom fit

Not only will your logo be unique, but it will fit perfectly with the whole narrative of your brand. When you get a custom logo, the designer will work with you on how you want it to be made. You will have a logo that stands out from your competition.


1. Very expensive

The cost of obtaining a bespoke logo is what causes business owners to be apprehensive. It can cost up to thousands, even millions of dollars, as the BBC can tell you.

2. It may take time

If someone designs your logo, it can take a long time. With all the considerations involved in creating a custom logo, this is not surprising. The designer must consider many factors before they can come up with a logo that is worth the price you paid.


Using this route, as the name implies, entails receiving a logo generated from a template. It is the exact opposite of what is made to order, this is why:


1. Very cheap

For small businesses or startups, a logo template is ideal. It's cheap and does its job. You will be asked to choose from a variety of templates, then add colors, fonts, or the image, if you have one. But an unlimited graphic design like we can do more than one logo. This means that, in the long run, we are much more accessible than a template.

2. Simple and Easy

Finding the right logo designer for your job can be a daunting task. You have to go to the platforms to find one, after which you have to check further for the perfect fit of the designer. Looking at portfolio after portfolio of designers becomes time consuming. With a template logo, you just have to choose from different templates, then add colors or font types.

3. Time saving

Getting a logo out of a template saves you time and energy. You will not have to communicate with a designer, which can take time. In just a few minutes, you can have a logo that you can use immediately. However, our response time of 24 to 48 hours can be fast. In addition, the quality of our work far exceeds that of templates, really worth the time spent.


1. Lack of originality

As expected with the template logos, you won't have much in the originality department. The website you choose can give you thousands of templates and customization options, but it's not the same. Among the millions of logos out there, there is a good chance you will get a similar logo to someone else. We are very careful to avoid this and create a unique logo design in Vancouver. Our designers will ask you questions whenever they need to clarify something about the project to make sure that what you want is what you will get.

2. It does not provide any reflection of your identity

A template logo will not be able to give you the shades that can make it stand out. It will not reflect who your identity really is.

3. Unprofessional

A template logo will be far from professional looking. This can be a concern once you see the importance of credibility and authority in business. We have strict guidelines in our recruitment process to ensure that the designs we create are made by 100% professionals. And this can be seen in the quality of our work.

Which to choose?

Both have advantages over the other, but to make your decision easier, you may want to consider this idea. Do you remember the logos I showed above? What do these successful logos have in common, in your opinion? They were not made with templates.

Who can best benefit from a custom logo?

Undoubtedly, every business can benefit from a personalized logo. But these projects can benefit a lot from this:

·         Startups and small businesses that need to make their mark on the target audience

·         Actions in highly competitive industries, such as consumer goods and technology

·         E-commerce business that relies heavily on online traffic to generate leads and sales.

In addition, there are several ways to get custom logo designs:

·         Internal designer . If you already have an in-house designer, you might as well ask them to design your most important branding asset.

·         Independent designer . Nowadays, there is never a shortage of independent designers available on labor market platforms. Although there are great independent designers, it can be a success. After all, most platforms on the job market are open to the public and anyone can present themselves as a professional designer even if they do not have the skills or experience.

·         Graphic design on request . This is perhaps one of the best options for getting a custom logo. At Saintcode, for example, we offer unlimited graphic design for a fixed monthly rate. And since we hire the first 2% of designers, you can be sure that your money will be worth it.


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