General Questions To Ask When Buying Tyres In Dubai


Regardless of how big, beautiful, or classy your automobile is, one of the most critical components to consider is your car's tyre. When you think about it, a car is nothing without a tyre, and tyres are the only elements that can easily support the vehicle's weight. 

Keeping that in mind, it's always best and safe to contact a reputable online tyre dealer or any reliable tyre shop in Dubai before making a purchasing selection.

Purchasing new tyres may be stressful due to the abundance of options available. There are so many questions, such as “Which ones are appropriate for my car?”“Is it true that I require different tyres in the summer than in the winter?”

To assist you in your search for choosing the best, we've addressed some of your pertinent questions about tyres.

Question 1: Which Tyres Are Best For Your Car?

There are numerous factors to weigh when purchasing tyres. One of the major factors to keep under consideration is your driving style. For example, if you have to make a long trip frequently, you may want a set of premium tyres. On the other hand, if you only go for short drives, you may get some cost-effective tyres.

Question 2: When Should You Change Your Tyres?

It's critical to know when to replace your tyres. You don't have to be atechnician to figure out how worn out your tyres are.

You can always run the coin test to determine how sturdy your tyres are by inserting a tiny 1 Emirati dirham coin into different tread grooves throughout the tyre. Your tyre is good to go if the tread covers at least a third of the coin. You need new tires if you can see virtually the full penny when put in the tread.

If you're wondering if you need new tires in the UAE, keep in mind that a pair of tires will last at least three to four seasons before they need to be changed. You should change your tires even sooner if you are a rigorous driver who spends a lot of time on the road.

Question 3: What Price Range Should I Go For?

Price is the first thing that comes to our mind. Various garages offer ranging costs for the same tyre type and specification, but making sure that any product or service is suitable for the purpose is just as vital as saving money. 

The price of each tyre brand will vary, but you can be sure that the tyres you are obtaining are functional, cost-effective, and necessary products.

Question 4: What Kind Of Tyres Are Best For Your Car?

Once you've determined that your car requires a tyre replacement, the next step is to determine which type is needed. There are various sizes, materials, designs, patterns, and applications of tyres available. Thethree types of vehicle tyres include:

  • Summer tyres are often known as standardtyres. When used above 7°C, these tyres provide excellent performance and longevity. If you stay in a country where the weather is particularly hot, such as the United Arab Emirates, you'll need summer tyres for your car.
  • Winter tyres are available for those who reside in colder climates. On snowy or wet terrain, these tyres provide excellent grip and traction.
  • All-season tyres feature the best of both summertime and wintertime tyres. In all seasons, they provide high performance. However, residents of the UAE can choose all-season tyres, which are suitable for any weather situation.

Question 5: How Do I Select The Perfect Tyre Size For My Car?

When buying tyres in Dubai, one of the most important questions to ask yourself is regarding the size of your car's tyre. By taking your car's tyre size into account, you won't end up picking the wrong one. Getting the correct tyres in your automobile assures not just stability but also efficiency. You can easily find the size of these types of tyres in the vehicle's handbook or on the sidewall of your present tyres.

Question 6: Should You Buy Tires In Sets Of Two Or Buy All Four At Once?

To be honest, it depends. The tread pattern and kind of your tyres should be identical, but the rest depends on your car. Some AWD vehicles need you to replace all four tyres (or at least get tyres that are exactly the same, down to the tread life). You may change two at a time in other cars (either with 2-wheel drive or aren't as sensitive) as long as they are identical. There's also tread wear to consider: if you replace all four tyres, the tread wear will be uniform, and the ride will be smooth.

Question 7: Should You Consider The Cargo Or Towing Capacity?

If you drive an SUV or vehicle and tow campers or boats frequently, you'll want to think about additional aspects while shopping for new tyres. 

For example, make sure you know the exact weight or the downward force that the trailer exerts on the road. You may need to get a thicker ply tyre depending on the weight. It's also possible that you'll need to upgrade to larger stock sizes and tyres with more sophisticated tread patterns. 

The Best Tyre Dealers Company

We're listing the top two tyre dealers offering the best tyres in Dubai.

1.      Michelin

Having over 300 outlets in Dubai, Michelin is a top UAE tyre distributor. It's the one-stopshop for passenger car tyres, truck tyres, motorcycle tyres, off-Road, and 4x4. Best known for their durability and performance, in the long run, Michelin tyres deliver top-end tyre quality all over the UAE. In addition to all this, Michelin tyres also offer 5 years warranty with every tyre they 

2.      Tiger

Offering a wide variety of various types of tyres, they offer safety and affordability. Produced in Europe, Tiger tyres are specifically manufactured to keep the UAE weather in mind. They help your car perform better even in the worst of weather conditions. 

Purchase From A Reputable Source

Choose the most trustworthy provider in your area and invest in a nice pair of tyres. Several local items have flooded the market, promising reduced prices but no guarantee. Don't be fooled by it. We recommend you utilize the same brand for your whole set of tyres.

CTC is regarded as one of Dubai's most reputed tyre merchants, offering the highest-quality tyres. They make sure that the entire process of acquiring a tyre is easy and smooth. The best aspect is that they prioritize customer requirements above everything else.


This concludes our post on the questions you should ask yourself before buying new tyres in Dubai.

Also, remember that you should change your car's tyre when it reaches a depth of 3mm. Particularly in the summer, you may see fractures on the sides of the tyre due to the hot weather of the UAE. As a result, changing them on time assures a safe ride and good traction on the road. We hope this post has answered the majority of your tyre-related questions!


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