How to Write a Good Problem Statement?


Research has become an effective need, and method for exploration. Organisations often want to bring about a change. They need information before launching a product in the market. For this matter, they conduct research. Then they present it in the form of a report. To gain successful outcomes of a change, it is important to convey the cause.Yet many overlook the importance of a problem statement before starting a project. A project improvement revolves around the issue, or problem. Building an appealing problem statement before starting a project is necessary.

But many people face challenges in conveying the Problem, or concern. This is because we are quick in jumping to conclusions. Without analysing the problem at hand, we start finding the cause. But it is better to describe the problem first. It is also important to write a good problem statement in the research. The audience or reader should know what occurred. The description of problem helps readers and market analysts in knowing what happened. This is helpful for making them understand the solutions.

In short, a good problem statement should not include causes. It should not include blame, or solutions to the problem. It should not include simple descriptions either. Rather, it should identify gaps, the current, as well as the desired situation. It should quantify the gap or problem at hand without mentioning causes, or solutions.

What is a Problem Statement?

A problem statement is a statement that discusses current issues. These are issues that need prompt attention. This statement mentions barriers between present processes and future goals. This is done in a simple manner. It is an objective statement that focuses on facts, rather than details. In simple terms, it discusses the main problem. This is the oneaddressed by the research.

How To Write A Good Problem Statement?

  1. Content

To begin, you should offer some background to help the reader understand the problem. Begin by discussing how this specific process should function. Before discussing the problem, briefly outline how, and why the system would work. If the current issue did not exist, convey it to the reader. Assume you have a concept for improving production within a process. This is good for making the greatest use of assets. You may start by outlining a scenario. This is one in which the process is much more productive. It should also work up to your recommendations. Your content should answer the 5Ws. These include Who, What, When, Where, and Why. 

  1. Address the Research Gaps

A Problem statement should identify, and address the gaps in knowledge. The problem at hand is also talked about within it. The problem statement discusses what the problem is. It discusses who is impacted by it. It also highlights why it needs to be solved. You should also mention the efforts you took to correct the problem. The factor of why it failed should also be highlighted. Mention what you know about the present situation within the fewest words possible.

  1. It Should Be Appealing

A Problem Statement would be relevant to the research you are doing with help of dissertationwriting services. It must be appropriate for an ordinary person’s abilities, time, and resources. Present a problem according to the people’s knowledge. You should include the risks of not resolving it. For example, a firm wants to resolve an issue by launching a product. Because finance is the medium of communication, it’s easy to express the problem. Thus, you will have to back your proposed issue with economic costs. You should ensure that you’veexpressed it clearly, and accurately. The statement should attempt to determine accurate financial values.

  1. Back It Up With Evidence

If you say that the problem is losing the firm’s money, you should provide proof. You should back up your statements. If you skip this stage, you are at a risk of ignorance. Do a good literature search and carry out your study. You should cite all your sources and have your facts ready as well.

  1. Propose a Remedy

Suppose you have talked about the problem with evidence. After this you should propose a solid solution to the problem.This should be done in the description section. You should not spend too much time in providing a single answer. Show that you have a dense knowledge on the problem and its solution. Provide real methods to resolve the problem. Present your goals by proposing effective solutions to the situation.

  1. Pros of the Solution

Since you are proposing a solution, you should also mention its benefits. This would appeal to the reader, or the recipient. First you should outline a perfect situation in which the problem does not happen. You must’ve identified the issue and explained consequences of not addressing it as well. After this, you should provide some convenient alternatives to the solution. This is an excellent opportunity to explain why,and how this approach will work. You should emphasise on productivity, and the major sources of your solution. Discuss how the approach will save expenditures. Don’t forget to highlight how this will free up the income sources. Also mention what benefits your solutions will provide. You should write all this within a single, and short paragraph.

  1. Concluding The Problem Statement

Let’s proceed towards the conclusion of your problem statement. Your conclusion should mention your problem. The reason is that you need to address it. You should then mention the proposed solution, and why it is a better option. Following this structure will help everyone in reading, and understanding the problem. Through this, the reader can also identify the best solution for that problem. This article can help you in writing a good problem statement for any project. Following is the example taken from a research report.

Problem Statement Example:

The UK independent Climate Change Committee has commissioned UK government. This commission relates to examination of renewables’ ambitions. It is also directed towards providing advice on improving expectations. They also promised that the UK Parliament's Annual Energy Statement will outline its energy policy. It will also drive investment in all energy sources, including renewables. The fundamental issues include usage of a majority of renewable energy resources. These includewind turbines and solar systems as distribution networks. They are the causes of fluctuation, and output unpredictability. Installation, and implementation of Energy Storage Systems is the sole answer. This is in relation to the solving of this problem. As a result, this research looked into the many methods of installation” (Al Shaqsi et al., 2020).



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