Which UK Universities Are Promoting Skill-based Learning


There are two types of learning, knowledge-based learning and skill-based learning. The first type of learning depends upon the books and coursework material. Skill-based learning is a type of learning in which students learn a skill. That skill can be anything that will help them in their professional life. The business world is evolving at a rapid pace. Employers are looking for qualified candidates who have skills apart from degrees. It will also help the students to apply their learning in their professional life. It will also help them to apply these skills in every situation where they are applicable.

Such type of learning will help them to follow the instructions for that skill. It will help them save time, and they can use this extra time to learn a new skill. Most universities have started promoting skill-based learning. They will help their students to learn exciting skills apart from earning degrees.This article aims to discuss the importance of skill-based learning. Apart from this, it will discuss UK universities that are promoting skill-based learning. So, let’s discuss in detail:

UK Universities Who Are Promoting Skill-based Learning:

There are several UK-based universities that are promoting skill-based learning. Their prime focus is to prepare students for professional life. They also aim to see their students growing and making a difference in professional life. Let’s discuss those universities:

University College London (UCL):

UCL is one of the top universities in the UK. It is also promoting skill-based learning. At the university level, object-based learning is the top priority of management. The management had an idea of object-based learning. The reason behind this was the availability of rich literature. Dr Helen Chatterjee was the founder of this learning program. There were other colleagues too who joined the hands. Students from different departments learnt this learning skill. This method of learning was more effective than lectures and educational talks. In the future, the university aims to start 2D and 3D object-learning skills. The university management is more than happy to start new learning skills. Again, the administration aims to benefit students.

University of Leicester:

According to an assignment writing service, it is another university that promotes active-based learning. This learning skill aims to apply learning in new activities. They will think about their new learnings and apply them in real-life scenarios. The teacher will make sure to introduce a new learning approach after every 10-20 minutes. It will help the teacher to change the learning experience than changing the topic. There are several other things in this learning style. After the lecture, students have to consider one of the most important learning. They must be sure about this thing. The next important step is chain notes. Students have to write a question outside the learning material. Later on, they have to apply that learning skill in the question. So, it will help them to learn new things.

Middlesex University:

It is the third university that promotes the professional practice. Apart from this, the university is promoting work-based learning. It offers a wide range of work-based skills with the help of courses. It is a type of learning that provides students with real-life work experience. It will help them to use their academic and technical skills in real-life scenarios. The university aims to develop a kind of learning that makes its students unbeatable. It also aims to make them more professional and effective. Apart from this, it helps them not to lose their confidence on the road to success.

Importance of Skill-based Learning:

In the modern-day world, skill-based learning is becoming a necessity. As mentioned earlier, the business world is growing at a rapid pace. We cannot deny the fact that education is important. But, nowadays, skills are most important. These are the skills that will help you to land your dream job. You should have skills because these will help you in your professional life. These skills can be in-depth research skills, critical analysis and problem-solving skills. These can be creativity skills, leadership and communication skills. There is a wide range of skills that you can learn. It will also help you to push their boundaries and learn new techniques. It will help you to deal with real-life challenges. The real-life business world works differently than bookish knowledge. It will also help you to understand real-life scenarios and come up with the best solutions. This paragraph proves that we cannot deny the importance of skill-based learning.

Pros of Skill-based Learning:

There are several advantages of skill-based learning. Let’s discuss those:

·         Promotes Creativity:

Creativity is one of the major benefits of skill-based learning. It will help the students to find new ways to solve the problems. This way, it will help them to perceive things in a different direction. So, it will help them to be more creative.

·         Develops Critical Thinking:

When students are learning new skills, it will help them to analyze things in a different way. It will help them to develop their critical thinking. Apart from this, it will also help them to make better decisions in tough situations.

·         Enhances Teamwork:

When students are in a skill-based environment, they will study different things. They will take projects as per their interests. If any of the fellows are facing difficulty, they can help. So, it will help them to become a team player. It will also increase their confidence and help them in their professional life.


Skill-based learning is a type of learning where students learn different skills. These skills will help them in their professional life and help them grow. Several universities in the UK are promoting skill-based learning. They are also promoting active-based learning and work-based learning. They are using different techniques to enable students for real-life scenarios. This article discussed the importance of skill-based learning. These are the skills that will help you to grow in your professional life. Apart from this, it also discussed the pros of skill-based learning. It promotes critical thinking and increases creativity. Apart from this, it enables you to work as a team member.

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