What is Digital Marketing?

 Any Marketing that promotes a brand, product, or service through the internet in the form of ads, by making videos, social media by using electronic devices such as mobile phones, desktops, tablets, and many more devices to connect with potential customers is digital marketing. Digital marketing is also called online marketing. It can often be compared to traditional marketing such as magazines, billboards, direct mail. Earlier traditional marketing was through television.


Digital marketing example: 


Customers today download app like Zomato and can interact to order the self-made topping in noodles and also could find the nearby restaurant of noodles too.


Types of Digital marketing?


Digital marketing can be broadly classified into 7 main categories and they are:

·         Search engine optimization(SEO)

·         Pay per click (PPC)

·         Social media marketing(SMM)

·         Content marketing

·         Email marketing

·         Mobile marketing

·         Marketing analytics

I will explain you one by one:


Search Engine Optimization(SEO): 


SEO is a major factor in digital marketing. It is the process of optimizing the content, reach of the website so that your page appears at the top of the search engine result for a specific keyword. When Seo is done it increases the website rank and organic traffic to the site by using popular keywords and phrases. Strong SEO is hugely influential as visibility can strengthen customer relationships.


Pay Per Click(PPC):


PPC is when you post an ad and it pays when someone clicks on it is PPC. This type of ad is retargeting the customer with the action of the customer by automation tool and it is extremely effective to boost the website traffic by showing the relevant ad at the relevant time to relevant people.


Social Media Marketing (SMM):


The effective way of social media marketing is simply having active social media accounts. Social media platform drives the traffic and help the online participation in discussion and awareness. This is the most popular way of getting attention. The more your audience is inspired by your content the more they will share and follows you. The most popular platforms used for social media marketing are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, youtube. To know more you visit how it works you can visit Best Social Media Marketing Company 


Content Marketing:


 As content marketing is not promotional in nature. But serves a piece of good information and educates the customer for a specific product or service. Content marketing mail gaol is to generate leads. Content marketing offers value for free in written material. Content marketing writers are able to rank highly in search engine results and when the content is relevant to further a trustworthy relationship built with the customer.


Email Marketing:


From earlier email marketing is the quickest and direct way to reach customers with the information. For successful marketing your email should consist of some attributes such as it could be conversational, trustworthy, strategic email. The simple concept of email marketing is when you send promotional messages the user should click on them and so that your content should be unique and not get buried in your customer’s inbox.

Mobile Marketing:


Mobile phones are kept in a pocket, near to bed a beep of mobile make constantly checking of the phone throughout a day and this makes them extremely important for mobile marketing. SMS, MMS, and in-app are the options to reach the customer device but beyond that, you must have to coordinate with your other digital marketing channels also.


Marketing Analytics:


Marketing Analytics benefits both consumers and marketers. This analysis allows the marketer to achieve higher ROI  by investing in marketing by understanding what is successful in driving either conversation, brand awareness, or both. If the brand wants to catch the attention of the buyer then they must rely on analytics to create the targeted ads in which buyers are interested and this makes them create the right ad at right time and on the right channel.


Importance of Digital marketing for businesses growth


Digital marketing is fast becoming the backbone of revenue generation in the company. Digital marketing is high in demand for brands and businesses. By using the analytics tool and software the business owner and marketer can test by making different ad content and what resonates with to target audience. Digital marketing helps to use a proven strategy that attracts more and highly targeted audience and get the targeted result at the targeted time. By using social media platforms it helps to establish a brand firmly. You want to establish your brand then reach out to Social Media Marketing Company in Ludhiana

  • 54% of consumers search for products on social media for information while buying.
  • 83% of marketers make videos ad which helps to make them good revenue 
  • 73% of marketers believe that social media platform efforts make their business grow.
  • On average 2 hr, 22 minutes of people are on social media every day i.e 80% of people are on social media seeing such engagement with social media makes a business take the help of social media marketing
  • Delaying a customer response by even 10 minutes can make a huge decrease in the sale of products so a chatbot is needed for digital customer service. 

By using Facebook ads, Twitter, Instagram, Email marketing, and SEO helps to reach the audience on a different platform and we can make them buy the product or service. 


Every small or large business need an online presence and to make your you can reach out to Best Social Media Marketing Agency


Digital marketing doesn’t demand a business an expensive tool but only needs some smart working with digital marketing tool by the owner and so it helps to grow the small business grow even larger. To know about types of marketing you can use for your agency you can take help from the Best Social Media Marketing Company in Ludhiana


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