7 Hair Care Myths That You Should Stop Believing Now


Hair care is one of the main concerns associated with the human body. It has been inviting a lot of advice from grandmothers and mothers. Advanced medical sciences have also brought forward many treatments for hair care.


However, it turned out that many remedies don’t turn out to be true everytime. These myths are extremely common and people have believed them everytime. This write-up explains the common myths that have been fooling people since ages.

Frequent haircuts make your hair grow faster


You must have heard often that getting haircuts makes your hair grow faster. Well, hair grows at the roots. Cutting your hair at the ends doesn’t ensure growth. The simple explanation for this statement is the growth mechanism.

According to the growth mechanism, the hair absorbs proteins to work in the very beginning. The growth of hair has nothing to do with the end. Something that grows at the roots, you cannot remove it by cutting the end. This is the reason getting frequent haircuts is not a solution for a faster growth of hair.

Best Shampoos produce more lather

Again, this is a common myth and misconception that good shampoos produce more lather. Shampoo is a chemical prepared in factories after the addition of sodium and other compounds. They produce lather as in detergents too.


This doesn’t mean a good shampoo will produce lather in large amounts. This can also mean that the shampoo is full of lather producing chemicals and not the real quality. Choosing your shampoo requires many other factors.


Look for the herbs and natural substances used in the formation of that shampoo. Lather is just an outcome and not the whole quality.

Conditioners and hair masks fix the split ends


Ever saw an advertisement on TV or social media, showing a product that can fix split ends? Well, nothing in the market can do it. The products that claim to do such miracles target the main problems of the customers. They sell false knowledge as they might treat hair, but not split ends.


Split ends suffer the most damage from sun, pollution, and other heating treatments. The only way to resolve their issues is trimming. It eliminates the broken ends and leaves hair smooth and even. In simple words, it is not so easy to treat the split ends.

Grow new hair by plucking the grey strands


The above mentioned statement seems strange, isn’t it? Yes, this is a common belief that plucking grey strands of hair might give you more hair. According to science, there is no such truth. One follicle can bear only one hair at a time.


As per the above statement, it is not possible for a follicle to bear more than one strand. So, plucking grey strands won’t do any good. They would only make you devoid of hair. Most older people have heard this belief and followed it too.

Brush your hair as much as you can


Many people and even some hair stylists have claimed that brushing your hair is good for them. It makes them look straight and conditioned. However, too much brushing might result in hair loss.It is fine to brush your hair one to two times.


If you brush your hair more frequently, then it may result in frequent breakage. Make sure to apply some moisturiser to your hair before brushing it.

Leave your hair hanging on a side of bed to grow

Many girls have this habit of leaving hair open and hanging it at one side of the bed. They believe that this helps in growing hair. However, no evidence has found that this actually works. Yet, this prevents hair from breaking during sleep.


Tying your hair in an extremely tight manner can loosen the hair and they might fall. So, don’t believe that hanging your hair would grow you new hair.

Replace the regular shampoo with a dry shampoo


Never think that dry shampoos can be as beter and usable as your regular shampoos. There is a difference in their utilities. A dry shampoo is the best for an occasional use only. This is due to the difference in the chemical composition and applications.

In short words, it is not possible to replace your regular shampoo with a dry one. It might cause some other problems.




It is necessary to take care of hair. One must keep an idea of the good techniques and remedies. However, they often end up trusting the beliefs that turn out to be myths. For good hair care, one must know what is the right technique.


With a good knowledge of the right techniques, one must clearly distinguish between beliefs and myths. Clarity in the ideas brings the desired outcomes. Consult the best hair transplant in Dubai for the best hair care services.

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