Twin Flame: Feeling Pressure in Your Heart


The Twin Flame connection is the most unique and pure of all the relationships you can find in your life. When twin flames meet for the first time, and sometimes even during their time together, they experience a strong energy connection. This is manifested by various bodily sensations.


While there are many ways this energy union can appear in a twin flame, physical sensations are the easiest to recognize. Among them, palpitations or pressure in the heart is the most common.


This article will help you understand more about the sensation felt in the heart chakra. How does it feel Because you feel it? And what to do about it?


How does it affect the heart chakra?


The twin flame meeting is felt more in the heart chakra. And since the heart is the main organ associated with the chakra, it will manifest as palpitations, chest pain, or heart pain.


When we experience sudden emotional pain, we call it a stab to the heart. We often feel this pain in other situations as well; those that do not involve twin flames. But the stabbing pains felt at the twin flame union are on a whole different level.


If not, you may have had palpitations and know how you feel. This would be something different from all those times. If you feel pain or pressure in your heart that is difficult to understand, then it must be because of the twin flame connection.


What does it feel like?


Palpitations, pain, pressure, and contractions – Many words are used to describe how you feel when you are around your twin flame. But you may also feel similar sensations at other times. How do you know this is caused by the presence of your twin flame?


The experience varies from person to person. However, we can draw parallels and infer similarities about this sensation.


When you are close to a twin flame, your heart beats faster and your heart rate speeds up. When the energy vibrations of the twin flames come together, a spectacular spectacle is guaranteed.


As you spend more time together, this fluttering sensation in your heart calms down and turns into aches, pains, or a feeling of pressure.


Why does this happen?


To understand this, you need to know more about the heart chakra. The heart chakra is associated with love, both self-love and love for others. It is also the seat of compassion, empathy, acceptance, change or transformation, and the feeling of pain.


When your energy is drawn to another or another is drawn to yours, its direct impact is felt in your heart chakra. For the same reason, a twin flame connection is most commonly felt in the heart chakra and in the heart itself.


Twin flame heart pain or anguish is not always a sign of unwanted experiences. Sometimes joy and pleasure also cause twin flame pain, especially in the heart. Also, everything that has to do with love and relationship is felt more in the heart.


When twin flame energies meet, it is first felt in the heart and then radiates to other chakras.


The twin flame connection is not just about love, passion, and joy. The violent and tumultuous nature of the relationship means that there will be periods of intense pain and sadness. There will be periods of conflict, pain of separating the twin, months or years of cooling, and the ecstasy of reunion.


On each of these occasions, the heart is more heavy. Even if they are miles apart during the separation phase, it is this sensation that the heart feels that brings the twin flames back together.


How to deal with the pangs felt by the heart?


At first, all these sensations, especially the pain in the heart chakra, may be new to you and you may feel confused and lost, unable to understand anything. As time goes by, you learn to understand and deal with them. If these sensations are particularly difficult to decipher, these general guidelines may be helpful.


The heart chakra is the interface where the twin flame energies meet. The intensity of engagement can vary, but it is important to know how to read the sensations and process them.


This is because blockages in the chakras can turn the beautiful occasion of twin flame union into something ugly and disastrous.


To do this, you can use one of the standard procedures for unlocking and opening chakras. It would be good if you paid special attention to the heart chakra. The heart chakra is not only the main point of contact for 1222 angel number twin flame energies, but also the central point in the chakra system. It connects the higher spiritual chakras with the lower physical chakras. The heart chakra must remain open and functioning properly to ensure the good health of the entire chakra system.


You can also work on your confidence, security, and self-esteem to help you cope with this pain and make the most of the 1212 angel number twin flame union. Incorporating more gratitude and appreciation into your behavior can increase your energy levels and help you with the general schedule in many ways.

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