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Grand Island

Are you an adventurer who loves to live in the moment and notice all that nature has to offer? If you answered yes then you need to travel a bit further. To a majestic island off the coast which beckons your name with its promise of being one of the most breathtakingly gorgeous places on earth. With rolling hills, splendid flora and fauna, crystal-clear water, wildlife, beaches surrounded by mountains and much more waiting for your eyes, the Ilha Grande (Grand Island) will surely leave awe-struck and spellbound. Your tour starts in the early morning after breakfast when it's still cool enough for exploration with the heavy mist above that slowly lightens and eventually can reveal extraordinary sights at all hours of the day – A place where what you imagine is better than your wildest dreams.


To succeed, one needs to take risks. Sometimes that means going with your gut and without a plan- this can lead to someone achieving some pretty spectacular things in their lives though. If you don't take risks when it comes to pursuing your dreams and ambitions, you might find yourself more than a little disappointed with the results of your efforts. Even if you're not exactly sure what lies at the end of your journey just yet, it's important to have faith in yourself because you never know where your feet will land (unless you're playing Twister or something).


Goa is a destination for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. A Goa holiday is not complete without the Grand Island trip, which is a popular excursion that brings many travellers to this wonderful area each year. Their website is: Your journey will start at 8:30am, though you should always double check! It includes pick up and drop off from your hotel or other location so make sure your tour operator provides all of these inclusions as part of the price before booking it. You are most probably going to visit an island or two during this boat trip, but definitely enjoy yourself and get ready to take some great pictures!


The Journey Begins!


The best journey of your life starts when the sun has risen. On the way, your boat operator or tour guide will show you places which are totally unrecognisable from the water - one can see the Aguada Fort and jail, a millionaire merchant's bungalow which is unquestionably a traveller's highlight and many cruises on your trip to the island. The most exciting part of this waterway excursion is the dolphins that one can glimpse along the Arabian Sea: twisting and twirling, simply enjoying their environment!




Reaching Ilha Grande (Grand Island) is an amazing experience. The sea is gorgeous and the nature surrounding it is fascinating! Here's why: - You can take either a half-day or a full day trip to Ilha Grande at Goa and you will be provided with a transport facility from your hotel. After that, after reaching the jetty, begin your once-in-a -lifetime trip by taking the Arabian Sea with dolphins having fun by playing around everywhere! There are so many unforgettable memories waiting to be made while coming back home again.


Boat Ride to Grand Island, Goa


When you are nearing your destination, the boat pulls over for a bit and it’s more of an opportunity to rest whereas you catch a little sun, let the sea breeze work some magic on your pores and cleanse your worries away. The best part is that if you really want to go fishing mid-sea, they will give you some bait to use or even lend you fishing equipment that they have at hand. There's nothing better than fishing while in the ocean; it gives one an experience of the many secrets that are buried under the surfaces of waters.


Scuba Diving at Grand Island


Snorkelling at Grand Island can be a terrific way to escape the daily grind. You'll want to make sure that you're fully prepared before you go out on the water - so we recommend taking the time to gather your equipment and check the weather forecast beforehand in order to ensure precautions are taken if necessary. And while some might be tempted to try using flippers, it's best not to since it can inhibit one's ability to swim over rocks or uneven terrain.


Reach the Monkey Island:


When visitors reach Monkey and Dolphin Beach on Grand Island, they are welcomed by the aroma of barbeque fish and chicken along with a pool of activities. In case you are a vegetarian, there will also be some delights to satisfy your taste buds. The tourists have the choice to sip beer or choose non-alcoholic beverages while they relax at the beach. Barbeque buffet food is served during lunch time, but if you'd rather eat something else there will be fruit available as well (whatever isn't quite ripe yet can simply end up thrown back into the sea!) After an adequate amount of relaxation time it's on to setting sail and getting back to the starting point where you can be dropped off at either Wharf Islands or Coconut Village. From there take out from dinner at one of the island resorts and then get picked up for departure!





As a traveler in the land of Goa, you'll always find something incredible around every bend and under every rock. Whether it's through sightseeing or visiting festivals aimed at immersing oneself in local culture, there are so many things to choose from and so many new experiences just waiting to be had that it can almost seem impossible to not have a good time. The Alibag-Grand Island Half Day Snorkelling tour package allows tourists a bit more freedom as they get to snorkel while picking up some cuisines of the different islands. You can ride back home with all your memories recorded with special images from your memory card along with stories and souvenirs - just take our word for it!


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