10 Websites to Help You Design Your Logo Online


In today's technology era, it's straightforward to design your logo online, and you can design your logo online entirely for free using online websites. Here are 10 websites rated as the best today, and these websites do not charge you a dime. 


If you are looking for online logo-making services to help you design a logo online without paying, choose 1 of the 10 best websites below.


10 best online logo making tools




With Hatchful, you can start by choosing an industry such as fashion, health, beauty, food, etc. Then choose a logo style that you like, enter the company name and slogan, and Hatchful will suggest a list of logos for you to choose from.


After choosing a suitable proposed logo, you customize the font, style, and color. In addition, you can add, remove, change the text or slogan. Once completed, you can download high-quality images for a fee.




DesignEvo is an excellent tool with a resource of over 10000 templates, millions of icons, and over 200 font templates. With just a few taps, you can ultimately get a professional logo. Besides advancing its massive resources, you can preview your logo in real-time, shown in various mockups to check its effect. Best of best, you can download your logo free with no watermark, though in small-size files.




GraphicSprings is a great website that gives you the freedom to design a beautiful logo for free. You fill in the business name and choose a template from the resource group sorted by industry, and it will recommend hundreds of templates for you to choose from. Finally, you only need to customize the font and color to their liking and download the product to their computer. However, to download high-quality images, you have to pay $19.99 at least.




It is one of the most popular graphics design websites with Vietnamese interface support. With a vast stock of resources, including templates and icons, you can easily customize colors, fonts and arrange them by dragging and dropping. You can also download images for free, but you must pay or register for a premium account to access some resources or download high-quality images.




Squarespace is a logo design website with fast-compact-light criteria suitable for small businesses. Design communities worldwide have voiced this tool because of concerns that the traditional design service industry is being robbed of market share by Squarespace. You can completely customize and create a beautiful logo beyond imagination by selecting, dragging, and dropping.




Logaster is one of the leading logo makers. You only need to fill in the company name, choose a suitable design proposed by Logaster, create an account, save the results, and freely customize and download the logo results to your computer.




DesignHill is also one of the very successful websites helping you design logos online. With just three basic operations of selection, drag and drop, and customization, DesignHill gives you great results and is rated as one of the best websites up to now.




Ucraft is a website that helps you quickly get an excellent logo design. This website provides resources, including icon templates, fonts, and styles. And you only need to drag their mouse to combine them to make them harmonious and beautiful, and then customize the colors until they are satisfied.


After logging in with their accounts, you can download PNG files for a fee, with good quality.




FreeLogoServices is a website that provides thousands of logo templates, and you can store them directly on the cloud platform. You can start by choosing an industry and entering the company name and slogan, and the website will propose a series of logo templates for you to choose from. Custom templates that can be used in addition to logos are also supported for documents and name cards.




DesignMantic is not just a free online design website, but it is a high technology product. Thanks to artificial intelligence technology, it is one of the leading websites supporting you.




After checking out these online logo-making platforms, if you have no idea to try which tool to create your logo, just use these tools each by one. Hopefully, these tools can help you for creating a brilliant logo.

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