Pack the Heavy Materials Easily with PP Jumbo Sling Bag


Jumbo Sling Bag

There are lots of packaging products available to pack merchandise storage and transport. PP Jumbo Sling Bags are considered as one of the best outlay and suitable packaging products. While making these types of bags the cloths can be round woven or flat weaved and this can be coated with plastic or it can be untreated.

These packaging bags are majorly used to lift those items which are low-cost. While we speak about the best product to store the dry commodities storage and transportation then also these bags are very useful. These packaging bags are made with High-Quality raw fabrics. These FIBC sling bags can carry the heavier load easily. These packaging bags are also known as FIBC Jumbo Sling Bags and these are the best packaging products amongst others.

Many products like Chemical Compound, Foodstuff, Metals, and other items. These packaging bags are very spacious and are prepared from Cylindrical Shape Woven Cloth. All of these bags are manufactured according to the Customer's requirement and there are different categories available for these bags. These bags are used for Multi-Trip and Solitary Uses. The series of this bag starts from 250 KG to up to 2000 KG.

Types of PP Jumbo Sling Bags

FIBC stands for Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers and they are manufactured by woven polypropylene which is largely referred to as the best way to store and transport solid and dry bulk goods. Sling bags are categorized into four types and every type of bag has its features and applications. We have mentioned below the major types of PP Jumbo Sling Bags and how they can be used.

Type a Bags

These types of Sling Bag are prepared from plain-woven polypropylene and other non-conductive fabrics. As these bags don't provide static electricity protection these bags should not be used to store or transport non-flammable materials. These bags are mostly used to transport non-flammable products and care must be made to avoid these bags coming into contact with harmful gases and dangerous chemicals.

Type B Bags

Like A Type of Bags, these types of bags are made from plain-woven polypropylene or any type of other non-conductive fabrics. This can't disperse electric fields. The main features of these bags are that these bags have a low breakdown voltage which is not exceeding 6 kV. These bags do not diffuse static charges hence are not considered antistatic.

Type C Bags

These bags are manufactured with non-conductive polypropylene materials weaved with conducting threads in a grid-like pattern. The functionality and safety of these types of bags depend on earthing & grounding. While filling and releasing these bags more careful attention is required to electrical connections between Bag's appropriate Grounding and Conductive Thread.

Type D Bags

These types of bags are also called Dissipative Bulk Bags and these are made from a combo of static diffusive and antistatic fabric. Due to its application and properties, all of these bags are easily utilized in an environment for a critical ground link with brush discharges without the necessity.

Applications of PP Jumbo Sling Bag

There are various applications of these types of bags. We have mentioned below the main applications of its bags.

·         The packaging framework of these sling bags enables easy and secure loading or unloading of the items.

·         These bags are also used in ships for delivering commodities frequently.

·         20-40 small bags of loading capacity of 1-2 Tonnes can be easily lifted.

·         These bags are used to establish and tidy storage products to make extra capacity.

How to Keep these Bags Safe?

As FIBC Sling Bags are quite adaptable to keep these bags for a long duration then these bags need to be kept safe by the Following Methods.

·         To protect these bags from water use waterproofing covers.

·         To maintain these bags inappropriate conditions, always store these bags at the right temperature.

·         Always use a partial shut up or half-closed tops bag so that it can be secured.

Final Words

These Jumbo Sling Bags are known to fulfill huge enterprises. They are incredibly flexible and also recyclable. When you want to purchase this kind of bag then always choose the best one and Singhal Industries are the best and most renowned player in this field.

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