Eggs and weight loss: how?



If you aim at losing weight, you should include egg in your main diet. Apart from fruits and vegetables, eggs play a great role in almost all weight loss diet. As a super food, it gathers a multitude of nutrients that prevent from lacks in the diet bringing. You just have to take some tips into account.

Bring eggs in your diet as they are nutritious and low in calories

To begin with, it’s to be noticed that egg is a reliable source of high-quality proteins. It is also rich in a wide variety of minerals and vitamins. In fact, within the egg, there are vitamin A, vitamin D, B vitamins and folate.

Also, egg and whole egg powder contains also choline that is a micronutrient that is needed for the pregnant women and the babies. As far as proteins are concerned, it is also to be known that both egg white and yolks are rich on it but it is the yolk that there is the most fats, vitamins and minerals.

To sum up, within a large egg, there is 71,5 calories, 4,8 grams of fat, 160 mcg of vitamin A, 56 mg of Calcium, 2 mcg of Vitamin D, 475 mg of riboflavin, 89 mcg of vitamin B12. There is also 47 mcg of folate, 1,05 mg of vitamin E, 1,075 mg of Niacin and 1,75 mg of Iron.

Eggs keep you full and boost your metabolism

According to some studies, the protein present within the eggs is perfect for the weight loss diet.  In fact, it is a kind of protein that gathers few calories. That’s the reason why egg can be eaten even later in the day.

Besides, the high-proteins that are within the eggs can keep you full for a long period of time. For instance, notice that eggs have a 50% higher satiety index than bread or cereals. So, if you eat two large eggs of about 6 grams each, you may be full up to 6 hours, even more.

If we come back to the proteins, we can say that it is more performant at satiating the hunger than carbohydrates or fats. The thing is that it takes longer to digest. While eating, digesting, and storing food, the body goes under a process called the thermic effect.

The one of food represents the slight increase in metabolism you experience right after you finish eating. This thermic effect can be increased by various reasons. And the amount of protein is one of them.

When you boost your metabolism which is as a reminder the body(s faculty to burn calories for energy, you can quickly lose weight. According to the speed of your metabolism, you can take profit from the eggs.

In fact, if you have genes that are more reliant to slow metabolism, you should eat a high-protein food. It can speed up your metabolism and incite it to burn more and more calories.

How to eat egg within a weight loss diets

In principle, there’s no precise rule at the amount of egg you should eat a day during your diet. Even if some studies have shown that eggs have high cholesterol, it has also been shown that eating it every day will not influence on the cholesterol level.

The reason is that the non-dietary cholesterol that is found in the egg yolks does not increase the cholesterol level of the body. So, even if you are on diet, you can eat egg in every meal. You can eat them poached, boiled, fried but also scrambled. You can always be sure that is delicious.

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