Pillow Boxes Vs. Simple Retail Boxes - Why Choose Pillow Boxes?



Custom Printed Pillow boxes are such type of packaging used to store small items such as jewelry, watches, food, and much more. It is constructed out of cardboard or, in some instances, paperboard. The Box has an open top and sometimes has a window for viewing the product inside.

Retail boxes help you manage the products in your store, while they also help you optimize your storage space. You can use retail boxes for some things, including storing products, shipping orders, and digital shelves.

Here we will define the uses of both boxes, and in the last, you have to decide what is best, but we will give you a hint.

Personalization of Pillow packaging boxes wholesale

Pillow packaging boxes is already distinctive and inventive if its customization is according to the demand and it will be the luster over shine if your packaging is cost effective and present in bulk. Most of the Business sectors have already developed thousands of trademarks and made their reputation via packaging customization in pillow boxes.

Use for Special Events and Occasions

In Europe, it is customary to provide pillow boxes stuffed with chocolates and candies during celebrations and weddings, and they may be given as a present.

Pillow boxes filled with sweets are often delivered at parties and weddings in Asia, and the majority of the world's top chocolate producers use pillow shape boxes for chocolates. Greeting cards, ribbons, flowers, ornamental flowers, and other decorations may decorate pillow gift boxes.

Use of Custom Printed Pillow boxes in the Cosmetic Industry

Pillow boxes are often used in the cosmetic industry due to their attractive shape and functionality. It provides an excellent way of packaging makeup and allows for effective marketing and advertising. They are available in different shapes and sizes, ranging from small to big boxes.

These boxes are a perfect choice for makeup packaging as they allow the consumer to easily see and feel the product. It is an excellent option for the cosmetic industry due to their affordable pricing compared to other packaging types. They allow brands to be creative with their designs without having a high up-front cost.

Use of Kraft Paper for Safe for the Environment


Kraft paper, a common retail material, is ecologically friendly and provides various benefits to businesses. Kraft paper has the benefit of being made from virgin wood pulp and dyed with water-soluble colors.

It does not generate heavy metal particles when burned and is recyclable. Unlike most other materials, Kraft paper can be printed on both sides and is resistant to stiffness and cracking.

Now here is the turn for retail packaging. So let's start.

Retail packaging with a gleaming sheen

A gloss finish is excellent for retail box packing since it assists in obtaining the desired appearance. The shiny surface also gives the customized boxes a more sumptuous appearance, which is advantageous for marketing.

The glossy covering also keeps moisture and humidity out of the Box, which would otherwise cause it to degrade over time.

This is advantageous because when customers purchase retail boxes packaging, they want it to last at least a few years before they need to update or replace it.

UV spotting

Spot UV, often known as ultraviolet printing, is a low-cost way to provide an additional layer of protection to your retail packaging.

If you use the proper equipment and quality ink, you may put a protective coating on the Box to prevent it from fading and scratching for up to 10 years.

The greatest part is that if the contents of the Box are damaged or stolen while in route, you can trace when and by whom it was delivered–you can even print a tracking ID on the Box!

Spot UV covers both sides of the Box, unlike scratch coatings, which protect the front of the Box (which may not be visible to purchasers).


Foiling in Box is a new type of packaging which lets you deliver an eye-catching product presentation. Foils transfer from one side to the other when Box is opened and eventually are removed by the customer. It helps with marketing and retail packaging box wholesale sales, which customers gain from foiling.

Ending Review

Custom Printed Pillow boxes are great for packaging and shipping small items. For example, they're perfect for sending gifts like jewelry or a pair of shoes. On the other hand, retail boxes are used for packaging larger items than pillow boxes, and they need more support and protection.

Pillow boxes are a cost-effective option that provides exceptional value and fulfills beauty and delicacy requirements. So tell us your opinion on which Box you like the most and why you choose this option. Thanks.












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