Frequently Asked Questions About a Root Canal


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A dentist often recommends root canal treatment if you face frequent pain and sensitivity. But people usually get anxious on listening about the treatment, may be because they have heard some rumors about it. They tend to ask certain questions about the treatment. A root canal specialist always answers such questions that disturb the patients.Lavana Family Dental has the best root canal specialist Gardner MA, with high level of experience. In this blog, our root canal specialist has answered some frequently asked questions about root canal treatment, that may help you to forget all those rumors and educate you about it.


Frequently Asked Questions about Root Canal Treatment

1.       What is a Root Canal?

Well, it is a very common question that comes from people who are not very much exposed to dental treatments. A regular visitor to dentist would know this because it is a common treatment procedure. A root canal treatment is a procedure that treats damaged or infected dental pulp. Our Gardner dentist will recommend this procedure to save your tooth whose pulp is severely damaged.


2.       Is the procedure painful?

The procedure is not painful more than a regular tooth filling. The pain is actually caused by the inflammation from the infection, that is relieved after the procedure. After the procedure, you might feel slight discomfort during the healing process for not more than a week.


3.       Is tooth dead after root canal treatment?

No! The root canal treatment does not kill your tooth, it gives your tooth to heal from within. During the procedure, the infected tissue from the pulp is removed that leaves only health nerves and blood vessels. They later grow and heal by themselves.


4.       What happens after a root canal?

A little discomfort and sensitivity that tend to fade away in a few days to a week. Our root canal Gardner MA dentist makes sure to prescribe you the painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs that can easily handle the pain. It is also advised to be careful while chewing, because after treatment, you would need the permanent filling or dental crown. Before the filling is applied, you should be careful.


5.       Do I have to visit more than once for root canal treatment?

It completely depends on the severity of infection. But more often, we do complete the procedure in one visit at our clinic.


6.       Is the procedure expensive?

The cost of treatment fluctuates mostly according to the severity of the infection. However, root canal treatment is less expensive than tooth replacement and extraction.


We hope that this blog has answered all your questions related to root canal. A root canal treatment can cure your intense pain that you are going through because of damaged tooth pulp. You should not bear this pain for very long, as it can become severe. Visit your dentist immediately. If you are looking for the best dentist in Gardner, contact Lavana Family Dental. Our wide range of dental services will solve all your dental problems.

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