How To Raid On Twitch?



Introduction: -

Twitch introduced a new tool that allows streamers to direct all their viewers to another person's feed. This noble effort enabled great streamers to raise awareness for up-and-coming streamers striving to break into the Twitch community. This feature was dubbed raiding by Twitch.

Like most Twitch features, learning how to raid on Twitch is a breeze. We'll walk you through the basic procedures to get started raiding in the following guide.

Twitch Raids: -

A raid, sometimes known as a channel raid, is a Twitch feature that allows you to move your live viewers to the channel of another streamer.

When the raid begins, everyone watching your stream will be redirected to your profile; however, new visitors to your channel will continue to see your profile.

Working of Raid on Twitch: -

Even if you already know what a raid is, you might be unsure how to begin one. On Twitch, there are two ways to launch a raid:

Type /raid followed by the channel name of the person you wish to send the raid to in your channel's chat. For example, you would put /raid dexerto into your chat if you wanted to raid the Dexerto Twitch channel.

From your channel dashboard, select the raid channel quick action. A box will appear with a search option at the top of your following list on your screen. When you've found the user you want to raid, click their name, then the start raid button at the bottom of the pop-up box.

A box will appear on top of your channel chat if you do one of these things. This box shows the number of raid participants and a countdown to the raid's start.

To divert everyone from your track to the new target channel, you will be able to press the purple Raid Now button after 10 seconds or until everyone in your channels is ready.

When a raid is received, everyone on the target channel receives a message in chat informing them of the raid and the number of participants.

Reaction to Twitch Raid: -

If you're a streamer and raided while live, you might be unsure how to respond. Here are a few pointers to consider.

Thank you for being chosen by the raider. A raid isn't only a way for the other streamer to demonstrate their affection for you; it's also a way for them to believe that you'll respect their community as much as they do!

Please begin by introducing yourself. Give them an impression of who you are, what you play, and when you stream by keeping it brief and sweet. If you're lucky, folks will come back to your stream on their own!

Stopping Twitch Raids: -

You may want to disable raids from another streamer for various reasons. Twitch offers three ways to manage your raids: limit them to persons you follow, are friends with, or are on the same stream team with, or altogether block all raids.

Here's how to get to those choices:

Click your profile image in the top right corner of

Click the arrow beside “Settings” on the left side of your dashboard after selecting “Creator Dashboard” from the drop-down menu.

More options should appear under “Settings” when your complete step 2. “Stream” should be selected.

You'll see a box named “Raids” if you scroll to the bottom of the stream settings. You'll see the three alternatives we mentioned earlier in that box.

Moderating Raid messages: -

After receiving a raid, the streamer who initiated the raid will frequently publish a 'raid message' in your chat. You can also regulate them if you think they're spamming your channel.

The streamer and moderators will be able to do the following actions:

Next to the purple chat button, click the settings button at the bottom of channel chat.

There are four options to choose from under channel modes:

        Emotes-Only: While activated, emotes-only chat stops anyone from posting anything other than emotes.

        Subscribers-Only: Only your subscribers can participate in the chat in this mode.

        Followers-Only: Only your Twitch followers can post in the conversation in this mode. You can specify how long someone must be a subscriber to your channel before they can post.

        Slow Mode: Users must wait a fixed period between sending messages in this mode. Your Partner/Affiliate settings can be used to exempt subscribers.

Banning Inappropriate Raiders: –

There's always the possibility of being attacked by a raider who is only out to hurt you. Thankfully, Twitch has now made it possible to blacklist particular raiders.

To access your mod options, click the settings button at the bottom of your channel chat. Review Recent Raids is located near the bottom of the page.

After selecting that option, you will be presented with a list of recent raiders and the choice to report or ban the account from raiding you again.

Benefits of Twitch Raiding: -

The truth is that most people are frightened of launching a raid because they are worried about losing their viewers or community; however, raiding offers advantages.

For starters, it's a terrific approach to give smaller channels a chance to flourish. It also allows smaller channels to reach a much larger audience, and you can meet some fantastic friends along the way.

Raiding is fantastic in every sense of the term since it can be utilized for good.


So, there you have it: our quick tutorial to raiding on Twitch, a great little feature that lets you promote new streams with problems breaking into the scene. If you have any questions about raiding on Twitch, please leave a comment below, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Come to our community hub and talk to individuals who share your interests regarding anything Twitch-related.
























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