Take a Refreshing Trip to these Spectacular Waterfalls Near Bangalore



City life can become overwhelming, especially living in a place like Bangalore, can become a little exhausting. The noise and air pollution here can be too much sometimes and so you may want to take a small break to a serene and tranquil location. There are quite a few waterfalls near Bangalore that are a great escape from the busy life in the metropolitan.


You can get immersed in the tranquil and lush surroundings at these waterfalls and admire mother nature. The best time to visit one is ideally after the monsoon season as majority of the waterfalls gush at full capacity and become a treat for the eyes.


Here are some of the best waterfalls to visit near Bangalore that not only offer peace of mind but spectacular views as well.


Muthyala Maduvu Falls


Located nearly 43 km from Bangalore, the Muthyala Maduvu Falls are an amazing option to spend a day of leisure. It is also known as Pearl Valley Falls. The water here falls down from almost 92 m and is a sight to see. As it is situated amidst lush surroundings, it offers picturesque views, which mainly attracts tourists. It is one of the best water places to visit near Bangalore. You can plan a fun picnic with your loved ones and go for sightseeing or birdwatching. The ideal time to visit this waterfall is during the rainy season, which is between August and November.


BalmuriEdmuri Waterfalls


The BalmuriEdmuri Waterfalls is one of the most gorgeous man-made falls located almost 175 km from Bangalore. These are a set of two waterfalls located 1 km apart from each other. The Balmuri Falls are smaller in size and came into existence after a check-dam was constructed on the Cauvery River. It is also a popular spot for movie shoots. On the other hand, Edmuri Falls are a good choice if you want to relax and go for a quick swim in the pristine waters. The ideal time to visit these falls is between June and February.


Mekedatu Falls


The Mekedatu Falls are located nearly 93 km from the city of Bangalore. It is known as one of the best waterfalls near Bangalore within 100 kms. It is named ‘Mekedatu’ because it means goat’s leap in Kannada. This is as it has a very deep yet narrow gorge; where even a goat can leap over. When the river Kaveri reaches the gorge, it flows with all its might, thereby sculpting the rocks on its way into beautiful shapes. The river flows through a deep ravine that is just 5-10 m in width. The perfect time to visit this fall is from September to December. If you plan to visit the Mekedatu Falls, keep in mind that there would be no transportation available after 5:30 PM. Hence, it’s better that you go in your own car or return before that time.


Thottikallu Falls


The Thottikallu Falls are located less than 34 km from Bangalore. It is also popular by its second name, ‘Swarna Mukhi Falls’. This place turns crowded after the monsoon season as hundreds of tourists visit it to enjoy the picturesque views. You can also plan to stay here for more than one day as there are numerous accommodation facilities available. The ideal time to visit these waterfalls is between October and March.


Chunchi Falls


The Chunchi Falls are located almost 83 km from Bangalore. It is created by the mighty River Arkavathi that also provides drinking water to the surrounding cities and villages. Nestled between mesmerizing terrains, it is one of the best waterfalls near Bangalore. The fall has a rocky gorge with thick pockets of lush green cover. There is also a Sangama of rivers Arkavathi and Cauvery nearby. This is a top tourist attraction as the area is full of scenic beauty. Shutterbugs and nature enthusiasts throng the place to get the most of the beautiful landscapes. Also, there are very limited transport options near the fall, so it's recommended that you drive your own car or hire one. The best time to visit this fall is from October to February.


There are many other waterfalls near Bangalore that you can visit to relax your mind and body from the everyday busy schedule. Have you been to any of the waterfalls mentioned above? If yes, comment below and let us know more about your experience.


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