Jaipur is the most famous tourist destination of India which is a vibrant city full of life and culture.You’ll have to see this incredible place for yourself–however,it’s probably best not to go it alone.I planned my trip to explore the historical and heritage elements of the city,which include:Hawa Mahal,Albert Hall,Central Park and other monuments.But, as soon as I got to the city,I found out that there was a Jump Trampoline Park too!I decided to spend a day off to explore this element of the city.And I was not disappointed.This took my journey up a notch and came as a pleasant surprise to me.I landed in Puno which is among the top 10 places to visit in Jaipur.The experience of this place is so relaxing, very different from what I have ever  didn’t want to go because of the atmosphere and the staff.The place has its own vibe that you definitely would not want to miss.Wait there's more I have to share with you on my experience in PUNO, Jaipur.


There is no age bar or limit in Puno Jaipur.No matter how old or young you are,you can enjoy jumping on the trampoline again.They have two separate sections,one for adults and one for children.Both of these are designed with proper security protocols.Where both adults and children can enjoy together.Also,being the only jump trampoline park in Jaipur,my expectations were low,and I did not expect it to be so functional and versatile.But,my perspective on it changed as soon as I entered the park.It has those challenging vibes that will compel you to give a hit and try all the rides at least once.


At the Kids Arena in Puno,there are different slides,play areas,climbing,rolling and jumping activities.For adults and kids above the age of 7,this place has so much to offer that you would never want to step out of the area.Donut Slide,Ninja Course,Rope Course,Dodgeball,Interactive Trampoline,Free Jump Arena,3D Needle,High Performance,Sky Wall,From wipe out,sky stepper,roller bridge,battle beam to spider tower,all these activities will be included.Your Jaipur Ticket Price in Puno I personally enjoyed some of these activities so much.That I went to them more than twice.I would suggest all of you to complete all the activities once and then go for the second round.In addition,the park will also give you the option to extend your time slot if you wish.


I am acrophobic, and I avoid any such rides or tasks placed at high altitudes due to safety concerns or otherwise.Any accident or mishap is one of the biggest concerns during any adventure,Because we all have seen many accidents related to the same in different countries.But Puno Jaipur eliminates any such risk.The equipment is functional so that there is no possibility of any such mishap.While going for the challenges,you will be provided with a helmet, gloves and pads for protection.Another great advantage of their design is that instead of using hard metals like most inflatable bouncers,they use soft cushioned materials.Which make the experience more enjoyable.Participants will be harnessed to some high-end attractions,Which will enable them to feel like birds flying in the sky.Puno is one of the best places for kids.The reason is the environment.Not only me,but most of the parents have noticed a change in their child’s behavior after the pandemic.They are unwilling to go out,play,and interact with other children.On the other hand,Puno will tell them the reason for visiting the place again and again.Also,it will give them a lot of physical and mental challenges besides mobile games which they would love to solve.Puno is also one of the best places to celebrate your birthday in Jaipur.It is for both children and adults,Because the park allows you to celebrate your best and most unique birthday for a lifetime.It will add a thrill and fun element to your day with the customization options for the decorations,as well as being an absolute pleasure for the eyes.


What is the cheapest price for Trampoline Park in Puno. Their prices are based on different time slots provided by the management.They differentiated between the same by different colored bands tied at the entrance.I chose one hour slot,and Puno Jaipur ticket cost only 800/-I have twice confirmed about the price.Because of all the other adventure parks I’ve visited before,I Puno has included all their rides and trampolines in the price given, and for kids,it was even less,only up to 600/-.have paid minimum amount for at least 1500/- and this price was excluding some activities.This makes it the best fun place to visit in Jaipur.


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