Several Best Indoor Team Building Games For Office


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A few companies mocked the idea of using indoor team building games for office. They do not like to spend time with coworkers engaging in embarrassing activities. Especially when they feel forced to do those activities.


So, the important point is to use team building activities that are not time-consuming and difficult. Make sure that the team building activities you are using are easy and last 10–20 minutes. Otherwise, your employees will get bored. 


Therefore, what kinds of activities can you use? The answer is in this blog. In this blog, we are mentioning some of the indoor team building games for the office. You can use and organise these games in the office and increase engagement and productivity. So, let’s get started. But, first, it is important to learn the significance of using team building in the office. Thus, here we go!


The Importance Of Team Building Games


According to Gallup's State of the American Workplace study, organisations with engaged workers are more productive. The top 25% of businesses really beat those in the bottom 25% in terms of turnover and absences, as well as productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction.


Moreover, the ideal games for team development can also increase:

  • Better Communication
  • Promote Collaboration
  • Examine your team's pluses and minuses.
  • Boost Creativity
  • Increase your workers' personalities and confidence.


Now, let’s learn some team building activities for the office.


Indoor Team Building Games For Office


What’s My Name?


Players answer "yes" or "no" questions to identify someone's identity in this fun team-building activity, "What's my name?"


Each player writes any person’s name on the self-sticking name tag. The individual could be a celebrity, an iconic figure, a well-known athlete, or even a client of your business. The name tag is then attached to the back of a different player. So that only the other players can know who it belongs to.


Each employee will ask the others several "yes" or "no" questions while mingling and mixing to help them identify who they are meant to be. They can take off the tag once they have correctly identified the person's name.


Office Trivia Game


At any employee gathering, this team-building exercise will put your team's knowledge about the workplace to the test and help break the ice. This game can be played solo, in pairs, or teams of 3-6 players. Also, it is suitable for groups of various sizes.


Therefore, make a list of workplace trivia questions and see which team can answer them the most accurately. You can create a paper with the questions typed out but the answers left blank. Also, you can conduct a live quiz in which the first person to respond correctly receives a point. The winning team (or individual) is the one with the most correctly answered questions.


No Smiling


Even the most serious team should be able to giggle at this team-building energizer. This game can re-engage the group under pressure.


Therefore, Before a meeting or event, have everyone sit down and inform them that they are not allowed to smile for a short while. See who can endure the longest not smiling.


Ultimate Dinner Party


If you could choose anyone to invite to dinner, who would you choose? is a question that is frequently asked. Michelle Obama, Bill Gates, or Lady Gaga? You will be shocked by the responses you get if you use this question as a team-building exercise.


So, ask everyone to respond to the question, "If you could invite any three persons to a dinner party, alive or dead, who would you choose?" Every individual will share his/her best dinner party story in turn. Also, they explain why they chose the characters in the story.


Back-To-Back Drawing


Back-to-back drawing is a productive team-building exercise for the workplace. It will get your staff members chatting and working together. Also, it transforms everyone into budding Picassos and Signacs.


So, Your staff should be seated back to back in two-person teams. In this game, one person will take on the role of "the speaker" and the other is "the listener."


Moving further, The team's speaker is provided with any form of an image, and the listener is set with paper and a pencil. The second person has then described the image without using words that reveal the image's identity. Using the provided hints, the listener tries to construct that picture.


The Barter Puzzle


Jigsaw puzzles are not simply entertaining. They can sharpen mental abilities and increase focus. This could be the best indoor team building games for the office. Your team will learn to work together and make judgments under pressure by participating in the jigsaw barter puzzle.


However, Your team should be divided into equal-sized groups. Each team receives a unique but equally challenging jigsaw puzzle. They have a specific amount of time to finish the problem.


To finish their puzzle before the other teams is the goal for each team. Additionally, they have to get the other teams to return the missing components, whether through negotiation, team member transfer, barter, time gift to another team, etc.


Final Words


To sum up, we have discussed several indoor team building games for the office. These team building activities will help you to increase team engagement and also enhance the productivity of your company. So, the above few team building ideas are ideal for the office environment. Therefore, use them and enjoy them with your employees.


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