How Small Businesses Can Still Survive The Pandemic With Offshore Web Scraping Services


Retail businesses can stay afloat during this pandemic situation only if they incorporate technology in their day-to-day business operations. Technology can make their work simpler and utilize less of their time. Whether it is competitive pricing, content monitoring, brand analysis, or lead generation, web scraping is a vital aspect that needs consideration. Web data scraping offers the right blend of all this and more to cater to the diverse needs of retailers.


If you are a small business owner, you have ended up at just the right place! Here are a few ideas for you to leverage in your daily business functioning:

  1. Market research


A small business seeks new potential opportunities to grow its business. By entering a niche or exploring a new avenue, you can expand your growth potential manifolds. Web scraping can help you in comprehending the behavior of your potential customers and how you can cater to them with your offerings. You also get help in forecasting the success or failure of your products offered to your target audience in a completely new market.


With the web data scraping process, you can easily discover the pros and cons of entering a new avenue and also make sound decisions based on the data extracted. If you find it difficult to do it yourself, you can always opt for professional web data scraping services.

2.                   Product demand analysis and intelligence


As a small retailer, you must know which products are performing quite well and which ones haven’t been able to create an impact. There might be many products present in your brick-and-mortar or online stores, but knowing which ones to leverage for profit is something that needs to be learned.


Web scraping enables retailers to accelerate the process of adding products and categories by using vital insights from the web data so extracted. The intent is to devise a marketing plan that includes boosting the top-performing products. Also, with relevant data, product assortments and category management can be done rather smoothly.

3.                   Campaign monitoring


It is very important for small retailers to make a lasting web presence in the minds of their target audience. More so, because a number of businesses shut down in just a blink if they don’t adapt to the dynamic environment and keep themselves updated.


If you plan to run multiple campaigns on social media platforms for wider reach, then it is important that they are monitored from time and time to measure the success and performance of each of the campaigns. Web scraping helps in analyzing the cost per acquisition, bounce rates, click-through rates, and much more to bring in more leads and boost conversion rates.

4.                   Price Intelligence


Competitive pricing is something that needs every small retailer’s attention. When you have similar products in the market, consumers have a hard time deciding which product to buy to fulfill their needs. Make it easy for them by giving them an alluring price for the products offered. Make sure they choose you without a second thought!


With web scraping, you get to decide the optimal price for your products based on the competition. And sometimes, make changes in the prices for special occasions and events to stay ahead in the game. Go for professional product data entry services to make the most of your extracted data records.

5.                   Lead generation


Lead generation is an important aspect that needs to be leveraged. In order to get fresh leads, web data scraping plays a crucial role. All you need to do is extract relevant data from various directories and analyze it for getting new leads in your kitty. After all, discovering new leads is all that a small retailer craves in order to grow.

6.                   SEO analysis


In order to enhance the presence online, SEO plays a vital role. Keywords and tags used, link of your website, and the structure, everything contributes to increasing or decreasing your online presence.


Web scraping helps in monitoring your SEO rankings as well as your competitor’s. With web scraping, you get detailed data on your competitor’s targeted keywords and tags and make requisite changes in your keywords and tags accordingly. With outsourced web data extraction services, you can drive relevant traffic to your eStore and engage your audience better.

7.                   MAP compliance


When you plan to expand your horizon to other countries through your online store, product pricing will be the key differentiator and is quite challenging as well. Web scraping can help small retailers in studying and analyzing the product pricing data and determine MAP violations if any.

8.                   Content marketing


As a small retailer, you must keep coming up with unique and engaging content for your target audience. Web data scraping helps in skimming relevant data for generating fresh content for your potential customers. Outsourcing the job to an expert can help you stay in line with your competition and bring up new ideas to market your offerings.


The above-mentioned points will help you leverage web scraping to stay afloat during these trying times.


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