Linux Shared Hosting USA: How To Get The Right RAM and Storage



Choosing the correct type of web hosting can be a very challenging task. Once you find the right web hosting service, finding the best configuration for your Web server is more complicated. For instance, if you choose Linux shared hosting in USA to host your Website. Then you will have to determine how much RAM and storage space you need.


Many web hosting companies provide different Linux shared Hosting plans in USA with Different features. And you have to choose the best plan so that your Website performs better and fast. Linux Shared Hosting in USA is undoubtedly the best Web hosting service for any website in the initial stage. As well as being very cost-effective, it supports all types of control panels and is fully managed by the hosting company.


In this article, we will tell how RAM and Storage play a crucial role in a web hosting server and how much RAM and Storage are suitable for your Website.

Is RAM and Storage Space the Same Thing?

Many people are still confused between RAM And Storage Space ( ROM). There is a perception that these two things are similar. But both are different and even work very differently.

RAM( Random access memory):

A computer's RAM determines your system's speed by storing temporary data. Short-term Storage allows you to access information on your computer quickly, and it will enable your computer to store data. It works the same on Linux shared Web hosting USA. Your server uses RAM to start any new processes,s and your system uses some part of RAM to perform better. The more RAM your server has, the better your Website will perform.

Storage Space (ROM):

A website's content takes up Space on the Web hosting server, called Storage space. Even though a web page is not bigger than 2 MB, other elements, like graphics, images, and texts, take up a lot of server space. A website with large files will require more Space on Linux Shared hosting in USA.

And one more thing must check that your web hosting provider store your Website's data on SDDs. If your web hosting company uses outdated Hard disk drives, it can affect your Website's Performace. SDDs are much faster than HDDs.

How to Determine How Much RAM and Storage is Enough For Your Website?

Linux shared hosting in USA depends on the Website type and the number of backend files on your Website.


If you plan to host a single website on your windows Shared Hosting in USA, then maybe 1 GB or 2GB RAM is enough for your Website. And Many websites don't need more than 1GB of storage space. But if your Website is large, you can choose up to 50 GB, or more on a Linux Shared hosting in USA plan. Many web hosting providers offer unlimited Storage as well. So you can choose a Plan according to your Website's needs.

Choosing the perfect RAM and Storage Space for your Website is crucial because it affects your Website's Performace. Don't worry about paying too much for RAM and Storage if your Website requires more RAM and Storage to grow.

Who Provides the Best Linux Shared Hosting USA With a lot of RAM and Storage?

Many web hosting companies offer different plans and packages of Linux shared Hosting in USA with many different configurations. But in my opinion, Hostbillo Hosting solutions is the best Web hosting company. Hostbillo offers a wide range of Cheap Linux shared Hosting in USA plans.


With Hostbillo’s best USA Linux shared Hosting Servers, you will get all the configurations listed below-

       Unlimited Disk Space

       Unlimited Bandwidth

       Unlimited Website

       Unlimited Addon Domains

       Unlimited Sub Domains

       Unlimited Email Accounts

       Unlimited Databases

       Unlimited FTP Users

       Free SSL

       Weekly Backup

       Free Domain

Features that Hostbillo offers with their Web hosting services:

       99.90% server uptime guarantee

       Control panel

       Operating system choice

       24/7 customer support

       Weekly backup

       Business email


Storage space is just like a Home space for you. You require a bigger house if you have more furniture and goods. Same as that, if your Website is significant, then you need ample Space on the USA Shared Linux hosting servers to store your Website's files. And RAM determines how fast your server will work. So you must choose RAM and ROM according to your Website.

Hostbillo is one of the best Web hosting providers in the world. They provide the Best Storage space with SDDs and a large amount of RAM. Hostbillo's Linux shared hosting in USA is reliable for your Website.


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