Pros and Cons of Adding A Second-Floor Bathroom to Your Home


The bathroom is one of the most important rooms inside every house. Without it, it would be difficult and inconvenient to live in that abode. Every homeowner aims that their house turns out the best for their family, and indeed, the bathroom is a major space they highly regard. And for some, one is not enough. That’s why they add a second-floor bathroom to their house.


Basically, a second-floor bathroom is a secondary bathroom placed on the upper floor or a house. It could be on a higher level, if the house is big enough to have that. Simply looking at it, there is nothing so different about a second-floor bathroom besides the fact that it is not on the ground level, but it actually offers some worthwhile advantages that make having them really delightful. 


In this piece, let us look at the pros of a second-floor bathroom. At the same time, take a closer look into a few cons, which are not really troublesome but part of their reality. Keep reading below the pros and cons of adding a second-floor bathroom to your home


1 - Increased utility bills

As obvious as it is, a second-floor bathroom means increased utility bills. More faucets, more showers, more toilets, more sinks, more tubs. More lighting fixtures, more sockets and plugs, more bathroom appliances. Basically, a duplicate of everything you have inside your main comfort room is placed and found in the one you have upstairs. 


This entails higher electricity bills and bigger water bills. You will have to pay more expenses because you will be using more facilities. Sometimes, the costs could be bigger than expected, especially if you are not very careful and responsible in using water and electricity in the bathroom. You have to be mindful to always keep the lights turned off and the water stopped when not in use.

2 - Need for more maintenance efforts

Another space allotted for another bathroom bears another need for more home maintenance efforts to be paid attention to and to be done. Cleaning regularly or as necessary will be executed. More cleaning materials and sanitizing agents need to be bought and utilized. At the same time, more time will be used, and more labor will be applied. 


Having a second-floor bathroom could also mean needing more people to do the cleaning job. It’s tiring particularly if you are alone, and you might need to clean each of the bathrooms on different days. If you are asking your house helper to clean them, then you might need to have another house helper to do with them. 


1 - Extra bathroom to use for urgent needs without needing to fight with someone



Pretty sure, you know how difficult it is sometimes when you and another family member are fighting over who will use the bathroom next. The battle is especially intense when both of you have tummies acting up. 


A second-floor bathroom serves as an extra bathroom, and you can definitely use it for urgent needs anytime. No need to quarrel with your siblings or to play tug of war with your parents just to win the bathroom slot over. One of you can use the main comfort room, and the other can go upstairs for their urgent bathroom needs as well. 


Furthermore, this helps the family move faster and more efficiently. When you are going on a trip, and you are all in a hurry while using one common bathroom, you cannot help but panic. Come to think of it, especially for scheduled check-ins and flights. A second-floor bathroom can save you time and energy.   

2 - Convenience for those staying on the second floor

One of the popular reasons why many homeowners choose to open a bathroom on their second floor is because they do not want to go down and far anymore just to pee, poo, wash their faces or take a bath early in the morning. This secondary comfort room provides dependable convenience for those staying on the upper level.


In the middle of the night, you and your kids will not need to go down to the ground floor to use the comfort room. One is very much available on the next level. That ensures safety alongside convenience. 

3 - A more private bathroom for family use

The ground floor of your house is basically the area that is open for all – for the whole family, for house helpers and for guests. The comfort room in it can be used by everyone you know, who enters your house of course.


Meanwhile, a second-floor bathroom is not available for all. Rather, it is a more private bathroom for family use. Because it is situated on the upper level, a space that is mostly restricted without consent from homeowners, this bathroom is only for the members of the family. You will not share it with other people who are not your family. You can keep it as clean and cozy as you please because it’s like an extended bedroom which you can design and decorate on your own. 


You can fully relax and be relieved while using the second-floor bathroom because you will not need to worry about whether someone is waiting for and after you. 

4 - Increased home value

Last but surely not the least, a second-floor bathroom increases home value. Adding one can aid in boosting the selling price of your dear property. A second-floor bathroom makes your property more precious and profitable. You will be able to reap tax depreciation benefits as well. Make the most out of your property’s value! Add a second-floor bathroom right now.  



There you have it! If you are thinking of having a part of your second floor remodeled into a secondary bathroom or of having it installed during home building, it’s great to know these pros and cons. Consider them as you decide on your home construction and customization. There are a few downsides, but focusing on the upsides, a second-floor bathroom is definitely worth-having in many ways! 



Nicole Ann Pore is the writer of this article.


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