Top 7 ways to plan a birthday party on a budget


birthday party

There's nothing better than to reminisce about your childhood days with your kids. They're the wholesome creatures on earth that cause us to forget our worldly concerns and get us on the entertainment thrill ride. One of the most beautiful facts about kids is that they fall in love even with the slightest amusements like summer camps for kids near me, ice-creams and birthday parties.

Referring to the birthday party, it's an exciting deal for the grownups too. Do you remember the assorted coloured balloons, soft drink party at the corner, and delighted kids waiting for the cake cutting ceremony? Those were the days!

However, if you happened to throw a birthday party for your kids and are worried because you're on a budget? Then this guide is probably what you need at the moment. So, let's delve further into the details.

Tip # 1- Create a birthday party fund:

Throwing a birthday party on a budget requires you to start saving three to six months before the event. It works magically when you’ve excess money to spend on further amendments, and it’s only plausible when you’ve saved a few pennies. You must begin by creating a framework with proper steps, and you'll get an estimated event cost. 

Tip # 2- Make it an Evening-party:

Hosting a dinner party on a budget would certainly burden your finances. However, it would be highly convenient to set up the party during the evening. Since most birthday parties are an evening affair, it wouldn’t be awkward. Serving your guests with brunches like sausage rolls, crumpets, pancakes, and soft drinks would do fine. Make sure to shop locally and get in-season snacks.

Tip # 3- Pick an outdoor location to host your party:

Hosting your kid's birthday party at home might be cheaper, but children are more attracted to nature. So, you can look for an inexpensive outdoor location like a private garden or kid's playground. Next, you can hire a catering agency to make your guests' dining and sitting arrangements.

Tip # 4- Pay attention to the presentation:

While deciding food is a part of the process, it isn’t about what you’re serving but more about how you serve it. Ensure that you’ve plenty of serving dishes to display your party snacks. If your treats are decently-displayed, the guests will focus less on what they’re munching. Consider buying sealed snacks and set them into the serving dishes. After all, offering them snacks straight out of the bagged containers wouldn't be a cordial gesture.

Tip # 5- Get Ready-to-eat cake:

While the nurturing love in your child's birthday cake justifies itself when you heat it yourself, the prepared-to-eat cake from an outlet will set aside your cash. You can request icing, confections, blossoms, and other cake styles to make it match your birthday’s theme. Also, it will save you time to stick to other forthcoming tasks.

Tip # 6- Stick to one cocktail:

Fresh fruit juices and soft drinks compliment a kid's birthday party. Yet, if you're planning a theme party, you must create a signature drink. For instance, mixing pomegranate with a few other flavours will make a great deal if you opt for a mickey-mouse theme. Introducing a signature drink instead of canned soft drinks will help you save costs, and it's quite refreshing too.

Tip # 7- Keep your focus on lighting:

Lighting can significantly impact any event, including fairy, café, and LED lights. Not only do these lights brighten up the space, but they're quite affordable too. If you decide to arrange the birthday party in the backyard, light up a bonfire and gather your guests around it. With such lighting, Mylar balloons and foil balloons make perfect decor, too, on a budget. Scenic locations like an alfresco cruise or a rooftop will distract the visitors. They won't care about the décor when fantasising over the mesmerising views.

Wrapping up:

Gone was the time when hosting delightful events like birthdays costs fortunes. Since modern problems need updated solutions, you can always execute a memorable event on a budget. While there's a provision of customised birthday party packages in Dubai and around the globe, even you can make wonders with a little creativity and plotting. Make sure to stay ahead of time and prepare to avoid any last-minute hassles.

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