WhatsApp wedding invitation trends for 2022


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WhatsApp invitations are trendy these days. A quick, cost-effective and attractive way to invite guests to your event or event. Depending on the situation, WhatsApp cards offer a variety of templates and designs. WhatsApp wedding invitations are available in various formats, images and prints. These digital maps are visually appealing. This improvised technique also allows guests to appreciate the beauty of the card and the warmth of the invitation. WhatsApp telephone calls block an important date and allow customers to participate in guests.


Check out these fantastic and attractive WhatsApp wedding invitation designs and templates.

Sticking to the roots

This traditional WhatsApp wedding card design elegantly incorporates vintage prints and images. Peacocks, elephants, camels, Father Dolly and Mandap are common images on coloured cards. The top of the card has an image of OM and Lord Ganpati printed on it, which means it brings luck and blessings to the couple. Bright reds, browns and greens with gold or silver edges go well with WhatsApp wedding invitations for a traditional feel.

Traditional Cards With Modern Twist

Traditional WhatsApp invitations with a little bit of a modern touch are available on the real site of Wish N Wed. The fonts, animations, and graphics on these invitations are all the latest and greatest. The use of floral and leaf motifs in the decoration of these cards creates a look that is both contemporary and timeless, which is sure to win over many people.

Invitation of Wedding Inspired by Bollywood Movies

These wedding WhatsApp invitations are influenced by Bollywood films. To give these cards a little extra character, include a few images from a pre-wedding photoshoot. Beautiful invitation cards contribute to the event's one-of-a-kind atmosphere. Typically, movie poster invitation cards lack vivid and dark colours to draw attention to the couple’s photo alone.

WhatsApp Chat Interface Wedding Card

The visual of the WhatsApp wedding card design appealing everyone that invitation is a WhatsApp-only card. It follows the same layout as WhatsApp, with a green status bar and a white background. The invitation to chat via WhatsApp is both novel and impressive. You can also make a WhatsApp or text video to invite people.

Journey of your love

This invite is perfect for lovers. It tells the story of your entire romantic relationship through pictures and words, from the first time you met to where your wedding will be. It also has the dates and places of your first meetings and other important moments. This is a creative and appealing way to impress your visitors.

Wedding Invitations Using Doodle Art

Using doodle art, a caricaturist can draw your image for a wedding invitation, which you can then use. These beautiful and fun sketches are a cute way to tell people about your wedding and show off the details in a funny way. You can include city doodles in these WhatsApp wedding invitations.

How to Make the Wedding more Memorable

Your true friends and relatives are just as ecstatic as you are about the wedding invitation they received from you. The first step in planning your grand event is selecting a wedding card. In addition, your wedding invitation gives your guests a sneak peek at your wedding day. Inviting guests requires the use of invitation cards. It tells them how important it is for them to be at your wedding.


A Hindu wedding is an exciting and boisterous celebration. It's the beginning of a sacred, loving relationship. A big party shows the bond's strength. To kick off such a grand celebration, standard wedding invitation cards will not suffice. Wish N Wed is an online invitation designing store that provides stunning and one-of-a-kind Hindu wedding card designs to make your big day even more special and unforgettable.


Traditional Hindu weddings are based on a Vedic yajna ritual where the bride's parents present the groom with their daughter (kanyadan) as a symbol of their love and commitment to one another in front of a sacred fire. The prints, designs, and words on Hindu wedding cards show their cultural and traditional significance. Hindu weddings are a true reflection of Indian culture. However, you can find Hindu wedding cards with designs that range from traditional to modern.

Traditional card design

Hindu wedding cards represent Hindus' rich culture and tradition. It conveys both the atmosphere of the celebration and all of the rituals. Peacock prints in a variety of colors and designs are featured on the front of traditional Hindu wedding cards. Bride-Groom paintings, doli, and dholak images define Hindu wedding ceremonies. Lord Ganesha's picture at the top of the invitation card stands for the wedding going well with the help of God.

Floral gate design

The trendiest and most beautiful design is a floral gate or door, which symbolizes the beginning of a new and most beautiful chapter in a couple's life together. This design is also the most popular. There are many different colours and patterns of floral gate design. On a cream, brown, white, and pink background, contrasting floral designs look beautiful. While understated floral tones bring a contemporary vibe to the wedding invitation.

Box invitation card

Invitation cards in a box are always a nice touch for guests. An idol of Ganesha or Lakshmi is depicted on the invitation card of a creative box. Additional box card designs featuring silver coins of Ganesha and Lakshmi are available in addition to invitation cards. Sweets, chocolates, dried fruits, or miniature perfumes can be included in invitation boxes. This invitation box is adorned with lovely ribbons or tassels.

Invitation card in a beautiful clutch

Your invitation will have more of an impact if you put it in a chic clutch. A beautiful clutch with a shimmery surface and a chic clutch button is a thoughtful gift for your guests. The clutch contains small invitation leaves with the invitation message and wedding details, keeping the card intact and elegant. This type of clutch comes in a variety of designs and colours.

Pop-up invitation cards

Hindu wedding invitations that pop up are very unique and creative. These patterns are available in both contemporary and classic variations. Pop-up wedding cards with vibrant images of Lord Ganesha/Radha-Krishna/floral gate/trees and couples/peacocks are available for traditional themes.

Modern pop-up cards can be made to look like a decorated venue or a picture of the couple from the pre-wedding shoot. These wedding card designs are the most lovely.

Elegant laser-cut wedding cards

With creative designs carved on glittering paper, laser-cut wedding card designs are extremely beautiful. Pocket and envelop styles of laser-cut wedding cards are offered. These wedding invitations feature stunning patterns, hues, and prints.


Elegant Hindu wedding card designs will make your wedding memorable.


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