Notable Schools to Join at the University of Glasgow


Studying at one of the prestigious universities, like the University of Glasgow, seems an impossible thing for many international applicants. But it is important to say that a hundred numbers of international students are currently enrolled in this university, making things possible. It is just the mistakes you commit when applying for admissions that make your dreams impossible to come true.

Your strategic planning and the right decision with the help of education consultants will help you get through this difficult time. But before you plan for anything else, you must clear your minds about the schools and faculties you want to join at the University of Glasgow.

Keep scrolling down the article to enlighten yourself with the list of notable schools available for international students at the University of Glasgow.

Top 6 Schools to Explore at the University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow is one of the dream universities for many students, and successfully securing admission to this university will be no less than a blessing for you. But securing these admissions is impossible unless you do not figure out which areas you want to study and plan your admission accordingly.

Here are the major schools at the University of Glasgow that international students can consider to plan their studies abroad successfully.

1.      Adam Smith Business School

One of the prestigious schools for international applicants interested in pursuing their postgraduate business degree is the Adam Smith Business School. Pursuing your business degree will develop your theoretical and practical skills elaborating your understanding of the subject.

Such learnings will benefit you highly in your career, whether as a manager or a business analyst. Interested postgraduate degree applicants can contact the study abroad consultants in Islamabad to enroll in any of the following postgraduate programs.

·         Corporate Governance & Accountability

·         Data Analytics for Economics & Finance

·         International Strategic Marketing

·         Investment Banking & Finance

·         Environment & Sustainable Development

·         Management & Sustainable Tourism

·         Management with Enterprise & Business Growth

2.      School of Cancer Sciences

The University of Glasgow is one of the best institutions in the UK when it comes to research degrees and facilities for its students. One of the research schools international applicants can consider is the school of cancer sciences.

Admission to this school will not only let the student work with the experts to come up with the ideal treatments but also provide exposure to the following cancer research centres.

·         Clinical Research

·         Cancer Research UK Glasgow Clinical Trials Unit

·         Epigenetics

·         Experimental Therapeutics

·         Molecular Pathology

·         Paul O'Gorman Leukemia Research Centre

·         Translational Cancer Research

3.      School of Culture & Creative Arts

Applicants interested in exploring more about history, arts, and music must consider this school at the University of Glasgow. This school encourages the learning of students under the supervision of experienced practitioners, which adds more value to the artistic skills of the students. From gaining the practical knowledge to theoretical wisdom, you will find a lot to learn in the following areas of study at this school:

·         Film and Television Studies

·         History of Art

·         Music

·         Theatre Studies

·         Kelvin Centre for Conservation and Cultural Heritage Research

·         Centre for Cultural Policy Research

·         Creative Arts & Industries

4.      James Watt School of Engineering

International applicants wanting to pursue their engineering degrees abroad must consider this available school at Glasgow University. This school offers almost all the engineering fields, which are taught and instructed by experienced faculty.

Following are the postgraduate Engineering programs offered at this school.

·         Aerospace Engineering & Management

·         Civil Engineering & Management

·         Computer Systems Engineering

·         Electronics & Electrical Engineering & Management

·         Mechanical Engineering & Management

·         Medical Devices Engineering

·         Robotics & AI

5.      School of Physics & Astronomy

There have always been limited options and opportunities or international students to master the fields of physics and astronomy. These fields are incomplete without research and practical experiences, which the school of physics and astronomy at the University of Glasgow understands well. The students enrolling in this school will learn about the latest astronomical advancements and achievements while they study in the Following major postgraduate programs.

·         Advanced Functional Materials

·         Advanced Imaging & Sensing

·         Astrophysics

·         Nuclear & Environmental Physics

·         Quantum Technology

·         Sensor & Imaging Systems

·         Theoretical Physics

6.      School of Social & Political Sciences

The school of social and political science is for those interested applicants that want to elaborate their understanding of international relations, social relations and how communities develop. Moreover, while studying in any of the available areas, you will be able to increase your understanding of the subjects in our extended research centers. If you are interested in studying this field, consult the study abroad consultants in Islamabad and pave your paths to study the following major areas:

·         Central & East European Studies

·         Economic & Social History

·         Planning, Real Estate, Housing & Urban Studies

·         Politics & International Relations

·         Public Policy

·         Sociology & Criminology

·         Social Research Methods

Which school are you looking forward to join?

If you have decided to study at the University of Glasgow, then you must decide which schools fit you well. Make your decision today, and do not shy away from consulting the study abroad consultants for ensured admission to your desired school without wasting time.

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