Car Maintenance Tips For New Drivers



Driving for the first time is the best feeling ever because you are free from relying on others and driving yourself. The driving school teaches us the rules and driving techniques, but one thing we fail to pay attention to is car maintenance to avoid damage and early repairs. Regular car wash is not enough for car upkeep, especially in the metropolitans like Dubai, where car service and repair are expensive.

To avoid the extra expense of car repair in Dubai, having knowledge of some car maintenance tips can save you bucks. Having said that, some people still confuse car maintenance with car repair. In reality, car repair refers to repairing damaged car parts that are expensive and only experts can repair the damage. On the other hand, car maintenance helps in preventing damage. That is why car maintenance is essential to avoid car damage and repair cost. However, the type of maintenance and useful tips depends on the type of car.

Here are some universal car maintenance tips that are useful for all car owners and help avoid expensive car repairs.

1.      Read The Manual

We often do not bother to read the car manual. It is the last thing we prefer spending time in and bother to read when we have nothing to do, right? However, the car manual happens to have the most important details of your car, which you must know.

As mentioned above, the maintenance depends on the type of car, and the car manual gives you the exact details required to ensure the car’s upkeep. Rather than relying on what others suggest, reading the car manual and getting help from those guides can answer many questions, solve numerous problems, and keep you at bay from expensive repairs.

2.      Learn To Read Dashboard Gauges

Another problem new drivers come across is they lack the ability to correctly read or understand the dashboard gauges. However, these gauges provide essential details, including the engine oil pressure and temperature. Furthermore, identifying abnormal pressure on the gauges and promptly dressing these problems are also essential parts of car maintenance and help you avoid getting stuck in undesirable situations.

3.      Tire Pressure

Checking and maintaining tire pressure is also important for driving safely. Poor tire pressure can cause many problems, like issues in the rims and suspension of the vehicle tires. Irregular tire pressure can also make your car tire blow out. The accurate car pressure is also mentioned in the car manual.

Besides, the type of tire you should use varies as per the season. The right choice is essential for safe driving on the road. If you already know which tires are better for winter for smooth driving, make a switch. If not, consult a reputable car garage for advice and recommendation.

4.      Car Battery Maintenance

Like every electrical device, including mobile, laptops, and remote control, faulty car batteries can cause inconvenience. Now, most of us take low battery charge as a major battery issue in cars. It is a major issue, but there are other factors you must keep notice of for car maintenance. One of them is a build-up of corrosion on the battery. A battery with too much corrosion faces difficulty in transferring the charger for proper functioning. Resultantly, you end up replacing the old car batteries with new ones. To avoid such issues, clean your batteries with stainless steel or similar brushes.

5.      Coolant Change

Changing coolant at required intervals is essential to prevent the building up of corrosion that affects the car's performance. The recommended intervals are mentioned in the car manual.

6.      Changing Air Filters

For those new drivers who do not know the importance of air filters, they are responsible for the proper functioning of the engine and fuel efficiency. The reason is that clogged air filters put extra pressure on the unit. Dirty filters result in a buildup of ice and overheating of the HVAC unit.

7.      Maintain Fluid Levels

We think that only water and oil are the essential fluids a car needs to function properly. However, other fluids, including brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and other fluids, are equally important. Likewise, an accurate level of engine oil and changing it at required intervals also ensures the proper functioning of the car engine.

8.      Carry A Kit Of Breakdown Necessities

It is not uncommon to forget to monitor car fluids and other essential things before leaving. So, it is better to keep a kit of breakdown necessities in the car that includes a jumper cable, specific fluids for the vehicle, tire jack, lug wrench, etc., for emergency situations when there is no auto garage nearby.

The Takeaway

In all, driving can be exciting, but it comes with a set of responsibilities to maintain and increase the life of cars and car parts. Regular maintenance not only prevents troubles but increases the car reselling value as well. So, all new and experienced drivers keep the aforementioned maintenance tips in mind for a smooth drive and to cut the expense of repair.

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