Warehousing Services Las Vegas: Why 3PL Must Have Multiple Warehouse Locations



The top and bottom lines of an e-commerce business are directly impacted by outsourcing warehousing services in Las Vegas to a 3PL provider.


‍Statistics from 3PL users reveal the following:


       According to 73% of 3PL users, 3PLs offered fresh and creative solutions to boost logistics efficiency.

       81% of 3PL users concur that using 3PL has improved services for the end user.

       A 3PL reportedly saved 70% of the shipper's money.


It is clear that the function of a 3PL provider has evolved into a crucial factor in determining how successfully e-commerce enterprises are managed. Most significantly, it's a fantastic way to acquire infrastructure, resources, and knowledge while lowering operating expenses.


However, the key to e-commerce success is the 3PL partner you select. Pricing, infrastructure, technology, and other factors, among others, are taken into consideration when choosing the best fulfillment partner for your e-commerce firm. However, there is one factor that is frequently overlooked: the 3PL provider's warehouse locations.


This blog will explain multi-warehousing to you and explain why a 3PL provider has to have different warehouse sites.


What Is Multi-Warehousing


Your inventory is kept in many locations, such as various warehouses or fulfillment centers (FCs), throughout the nation when you use multi-warehousing. This makes it possible for you to reach your customers more quickly and cheaply.


However, the advantages of multi-warehousing go much beyond only quick and affordable delivery. Let's find them out.


The Benefits Of Multi-Warehousing Services


  1. Quicker order fulfillment and cheaper shipping

Your customer base is dispersed across the nation when you sell online. This indicates that your customers are spread out throughout several zones—North, East, West, and South.


Shipping charges at the zonal and national levels apply when delivering orders to clients in various locations from a single location. In contrast, if you ship orders to customers from a fulfillment center close to them, you will be charged local or zonal shipping fees, which helps to lower the cost of shipping and the time it takes to deliver the order. Thus, by utilizing a 3PL, you can achieve blazing-fast shipping speeds while also drastically lowering shipping costs.


  1. Effective inventory control

One of the most difficult parts of fulfilling orders, for both established e-commerce firms and newcomers alike, is inventory management. In addition to other benefits, having various warehouse locations lets you strategically divide your inventory.


With an actionable dashboard and data-driven analytics, a tech-enabled 3PL provider makes it feasible to arrange your optimal inventory distribution.


  1. Improved handling of returns

In the world of e-commerce, returns can be reduced but not entirely prevented. This means that in order to optimize reverse logistics, or return shipping, you must be prepared with a plan for returns management. In this manner, you can benefit from quick delivery and affordable shipping charges even if your things are returned. Keep your consumers satisfied by processing refunds or exchanges quickly and performing quality inspections. To speed up the returns management process, you may make sure that the returned items are shipped back to the closest fulfillment center by using a 3PL provider’s network of fulfillment centers.


  1. Increased revenue and product visibility


The marketplace presents the product results by ranking them from "highest to lowest" when an online shopper searches for a product. Your product will appear in whatever position is determined by this ranking system. The speed of order delivery depending on client location is one of the essential factors for product rating. Therefore, you increase your product visibility and increase your sales when you distribute your inventory through a 3PL provider.


  1. Deliver a lot of orders

You must initially only be getting a small number of orders each day. This suggests that you only need one warehouse to accomplish your goals. However, a 3PL provider with numerous fulfillment sites can assist you in growing if your daily order volume is consistently rising or you are prepared to expand your online business. You may spend more on order fulfillment from one warehouse than from a second one. To fulfill a high order volume at this time, it might make sense to spread your inventory across several fulfillment centers in the USA.




One of the finest methods to maintain competition in the e-commerce industry is through multiple warehousing services in Las Vegas. You can keep your goods in several fulfillment centers all around India with a tech-enabled 3PL provider, and they can also assist you in strategizing inventory allocation and splitting. Gaining a strategic regional footprint can help you increase client loyalty by enabling quicker delivery times, cheaper shipping, and a host of other advantages. A multi-warehouse strategy might thus soon emerge as your e-commerce brand's most effective weapon.

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