SAINIK 710 Plywood: Your Shield Against Water-Related Damage and Maintenance Hassles



As a homeowner, it is crucial to choose materials carefully for your home, especially for areas that experience a high flow of water, such as your washrooms. Sainik 710 are such plywood sheets that offer durability and resistance to boiling water with value for money. 

This article will highlight the various features of Sainik 710 Plywood sheets. 

Sainik 710 Plywood: Shield Against Water-Related Damage 

Sainik 710 is known for its durability and resistance to water and is used in areas with high-flowing water. Hey are some benefits of using Sainik 710 in your homes: 

  1. Boiling Water Proof 

One of the biggest benefits offered by Sainik 710 plywood sheets is that they are resistant to boiling water. This means these sheets are designed in a way that they can withstand extreme water temperatures making them an ideal choice for your washrooms and kitchens. 

You can check the boiling waterproof properties themselves. You need ordinary plywood and Sainik 710 plywood, and test them for 72 hours. You will notice that Sainik 710 plywood sheets are perfectly fine, whereas ordinary plywood sheets have started to deplete.

  1. Borer and Termite Proof 

Another benefit of Sainik 710 plywood includes that they are resistant to borer and termites. A special glue of protection is applied to these sheets to make them safe and clean. When termites and borers come in contact with this protective glue, they die. This property keeps your furniture and interiors safe and makes it clean and hygienic for adults and children. 

  1. Variety in Ranges and Sizes 

Since Sainik 710 provides several benefits, it also allows customers to choose from a variety of ranges to match their aesthetic approach. They come in different sizes and thickness, which ranges from 4 mm and goes up to 25 mm, allowing you to choose the plywood sheets which will meet all your requirements.

  1. Value for Money 

With such features of Sainik 710 plywood sheets, you might think they are over your budget and you cannot afford them, but this is not the case. These sheets are affordable, and the majority of the sections can afford them. No matter where you are, the price of these sheets remains the same throughout the country.

Moreover, they provide you with value for money, making them an ideal house for decorating your house.

  1. Durability and Strength 

CenturyPly aims to provide the finest products to its customers. This is why every plywood sheet is manufactured under strict supervision. Moreover, they are curated with the finest-quality timber and high-quality adhesives to provide maximum strength and durability. These plywood sheets do not lose their glossy finish after wear and tear use and remain the same. The features of Sainik Plywood sheets also remain the same throughout the years. 

  1. Warranty Period 

Interiors and furniture are an important aspect of your life, and a warranty makes you assured of the quality. Sainik 710 comes with years of warranty; you can be assured that your furniture will last for a long time. During this time, it will not need any repair or replacement. Additionally, the features of the Sainik 710 contribute to its longevity. 

In a Nutshell

CenturyPly is a well-known brand for laminate and plywood sheets in the country, and Sainik 710 is one of the best plywood sheets that you can find in the market. Since it is a versatile material, it can be used for making various furniture such as side tables, cabinets, racks, and countertops. So, decorate your house with Sainik 710 and make them safe and hygienic. Visit the official website of CenturyPly to know more!


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