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Russia successfully tests Tsirkon hypersonic missile on Putin’s birthday
USA military strengthens deployment in Syria
Iran holds three-day naval exercise near sensitive Strait of Hormuz
UK warship heads to Arctic in row over Russia 'exploiting' melting ice caps
Iran’s Hassan Rouhani says talks possible if US returns to 2015 nuclear deal
Russia’s latest S-500 air defense system enters state trials, Russian Minister
Russia signs contract with Turkey on 2nd batch of S-400
After months of haggling, Lockheed Martin moves on German air defense bid
Taiwan finalizes $62billion purchase of F-16 jets from Lockheed Martin on Friday
USA trucks land in Israel to support Iron Dome testing ahead of US Army delivery
Poland is set to be hosting a lot more US troops, with the Germany withdrawal
To counter "fight terrorism" and USA 'pressure', Iran to bolster Syria air defences
Russia offers latest T-14 ‘Armata’ tank to foreign partners
The Pentagon wants to forge ahead with robot warships
French Navy SSBN ‘Le Téméraire’ Test Fired M51 SLBM in Operational Conditions In The Atlantic
In first, classified Israeli missile hits 400km target range developed by the Israel Aerospace Industries
US aircraft carrier back at sea after coronavirus outbreak and captain fired
India, Australia strengthen defence ties as tensions with regional superpower China
Russia’s top brass to insure latest stealth drone 'Okhotnik' for over $18 mln
Israel defense giant Rafael targets opportunities in Europe and Asia for software-defined radios