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Iran test-fires ballistic missiles on targets at the Indian Ocean
Israeli air strikes on Syria kill at least 23: monitor
North Korean's Kim Jong Un calls for stronger military capabilities as party congress ends
Lawsuit threatens $23 billion weapons sale to United Arab Emirates
Japan cabinet approves record $52 billion budget, higher defence spending
Taiwan says USA has approved key submarine technology sale
France debates human rights at home while still selling weapons to oppressive regimes, as the French President
From Somalia US President Donald Trump has ordered withdraw all American troops
The USA approves sale of USD 90 mn worth of military equipment and services to India
Indian Navy test fires anti-ship version of BrahMos supersonic cruise missile
Indian Navy's MiG 29K Jet Crashes over Arabian Sea, one pilot missing
India on Tuesday successfully test-fires land-attack version of BrahMos supersonic cruise missile
India successfully test-fires all-weather Quick Reaction Surface to Air Missile system
North Korea building two submarines capable of firing ballistic missiles, South Korean lawmaker
Russia successfully tests Tsirkon hypersonic missile on Putin’s birthday
USA military strengthens deployment in Syria
Iran holds three-day naval exercise near sensitive Strait of Hormuz
UK warship heads to Arctic in row over Russia 'exploiting' melting ice caps